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Stores are special vendor structures found inside outposts. They offer specialized goods for sale and will exchange pixels for player goods.

Store Types

General Goods Ship Licenses Farming Supplies
Infinity Express.png Penguin Bay.gif Terramart.png
Infinity Express Penguin Bay Terramart
Sign Shop Trophies Teleporters
Treasured Trophies.gif
2 Stop Teleshop.gif
EASEL Treasured Trophies 2 Stop Teleshop
Furniture Vehicles Ore and Bars
Frögg Furnishing.gif
Shipyard Captain.png
Ursa Miner.gif
Frögg Furnishing Shipyard Captain Ursa Miner
Rare Weapons Unique Items Furniture
Biggy's Reputable Weaponry.gif
Peacekeeper Store.gif
Peacekeeper Furnishings.gif
Biggy's Reputable Weaponry Peacekeeper Store Peacekeeper Furnishings
Neon Store.gif
Neon Store