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TVGame of Thrones, Vikings, Da Vinci's demons, Teen wolf
Musicschool of begining XIX cent. Linking park, Three days grace; old P.Diddy, Busta etc.
Video gamesAoE II, Civ. III, Warcraft III, The banner saga, Beholder, Childs of light, Dark Messiah of might -n magick, Dark souls, DMC, Don't starve, Dragon Age: Origins, TES Skyrim, Dreamfall chapters, Fran bow, Fuel, Jotun, Lisa, PixelJunk Eden, Prince of Persia, Sacred, Saints Row II, Sally face, Spore, Sunless sea, Transistor, Windward
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Personal information
Real nameDamien Kurama
HometownRussian Federation
BirthdayDecember 5th
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