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Custom information
Custom 1I've got some knowledge of space and the like to share, if anyone's interested. I guess I'll put it on this here "wiki."
Custom 2If you haven't read some of Arrowbolt's works, get on that. His philosophy will really get your ol' gears turning. He went down with the Protectorate, in case ya didn't know.
Custom 3I may be a Novakid, but I don't plan on forgettin' my past too easily, let alone my research. I'm a kid o' science, ya see.
Custom 4I've been checkin' out all kindsa cool stuff 'round these parts, so I'll try and help out using the tidbits I pick up on during my time out on the frontier.
Other information
MoviesSome Wild West films for me; the type with lotsa trains in 'em. But they gotta be historically accurate.
TVI'm too busy to stare at that thing.
MusicI don't mind a lil' Jon Afro. His tunes are not bad I must admit.
BooksNovakid don't really write books. Or read 'em.
Video gamesStylish Thief Wasteland, and maybe some Psychedelic Rodeo Melee. And, just between you and me, I like me some Cool Wizard Island from time to time.
MagazinesIf it's short enough, I'll read it.
SnacksJust gimme some fish & chips. I could go for that right about now.
DrinksI'm a fan of the occasional mochaccino in the morning... but spiked with a lil' Moonshine, yes please.
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Personal information
Real nameXeneo
HometownSteamy Butte,
BirthdayNovember 17th, 2017
OccupationScientific Philanthropist
WebsitesWhat's a website?
Places I have livedBasically everywhere
SchoolsThe good ones... just kiddin' ya, I'm self-taught.
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Welcome to Starbounder! I'm Katzeus, an administrator here. Please contact me if you have any questions or I can help with anything!