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Arctic Planet.png
Threat: Unknown Weather
Star types: Radioactive Clear.pngRain1.png
EPP Required: None
Mini Biomes: Random!
Secondary Biomes: All!
Arctic Planet Surface.png

This is a blurb that introduces the planet. It explains the main characteristic of the planet and any tips for traversing it. It recaps where this plants can found and what unique monsters it has.

Navigation Console

This biome can be identified by the XYZ keyword in the player's navigation console.

  • Nav description #1
  • Nav description #2
  • Nav description #3


This blurb gives a short description of the planet's sky, aka the hazards and the colors of the atmosphere.

Desert planets are often sunny except when sandstorms rage across its surface. Possessed of a wide and beautiful array of colors deserts are known for their crisp sunrises and sunsets.

Some of the observed colors are:

  • Earth-like days with red/orange sunrises and purple/red sunsets
  • Light green days with dark-green/yellow sunrises and purple/blue sunsets
  • Cool lilac days with blue/orange sunrise and blue/green sunsets
  • Faintly pink days with pink/peach sunrise and blue/pink sunsets
  • Warm orange days orange/yellow sunrise and green/orange sunsets


Type 1
Junkstorm (98%)
Sandstorm1.png Sandstorm (2%)
Type 2
Junkstorm (86%)
Smallmeteorstorm.png Small Meteorites (3%)
Meteorstorm.png Sandstorm (1%)


The surface of a XYZ world often hilly with small subterranean caves. As you explore this planet you will note... blah blah blah. Just below the surface are small deposits of Oil.

Primary Biome

(Most planets have a specific surface layer and a common sub-surface layer. Some have a unique sub-surface layer. Make a note of each if needed. The subsurface of liquid worlds is the infinite water, poison, and magma.)

The surface and subsurface layers of this biome is primarily made up of Dry Sand, Dry Dirt, Cobblestone, Stone Rubble, and Junk Piles.

All late-game ores are found in this biome. coal and copper available near the surface. Core Fragments are found near the core of the planet. Diamond Ore can be found there as well but in much smaller and harder to find deposits.

(Note: Liquids should be here as well. Should they be primary or sub-materials?)

Primary Material
Geological Materials


There are sub-biomes which can be found on XYZ planets in addition to their unique surface mini-biomes. The major biomes of ABC or 123 have a chance to appear as smaller, secondary biomes on XYZ planets. These biomes will include things like their associated geology, flora, fauna, and crops when they appear. Mini biomes for each of these secondary biome types can appear inside them as well.

XYZ biomes can also be found on a number of different planet types as sub-biomes. They have a chance to be found as sub-biomes on garden, savannah, snow, jungle, mutated, midnight, and volcanic planets.

280px-Colorful Biome Banner.png The Colourful biome is notable for it rainbow trees. It provides a cool, refreshing place to relax amidst the harsh and dry desert sun.
Arid Bones Biome Banner.png The Bones biomes is ... blah blah blah.
V1 0 biome barren.png The barren biome offers desert dwellers...
V1 0 biome savannah.png Blah blah blah. In addition the savannah biomes offers desert dwellers the chance to experience Surface Mini Biome #1, #2, #3 etc.

Plant Life

The flora of a Jungle biome is notable for its high concentration of ground foliage and plentiful trees.

Wild Crops

There are a variety of harvestable crops found in each biome. These can be harvested by interacting with them or by digging them up. They'll drop produce and have a chance to drop a seed which can be replanted.

What kinds of farmable crops can be found?

Crop Seed


These trees are procedurally generated meaning that the appearance of their bark and foliage is selected from a range of possible sprites. Despite their wide range of appearances most trees function essentially the same. When cut down a tree will leave behind several units of Wooden Log. Trees also drop Saplings which can be planted in dirt to grow new trees.

What kinds of trees can be found? Does anything other than normal wooden logs drop? Show both acceptable barks and leaves.

Bark Types
Bark - ashy.png Ashy Bark - ashy example.png
Bark - ashy.png Ashy Bark - ashy example.png
Leaf Types
Leaves - craggy.png Craggy Leaves - snowcraggy example.png

Other Plants

The trees and crops of the XYZ biomes are not the only plant life than can be harvested. A variety of other objects can be obtained by either interacting with or destroying the local vegetation. This includes things such as vines, bushes, and flowers.

What kinds of vines and destructibles can be found, e.g., reeds, vines, petals and other smashables or harvestable items that are not crops or trees?

Plant Drops


In addition to procedurally generated creatures, there are a variety of unique monsters, bugs and critters found in garden biomes. Some of these are also found in other biomes, while others are unique only to garden biomes. While these unique creatures have a chance to appear on garden planets, they will not all appear on each one. In addition to unique creatures, each biome has multiple types of both procedural ground and flying creatures.

Unique monsters each have combat attacks, and they must first be weakened before capture. Once weakened players can attempt to capture using a capture pod. If successful they can then be released to battle alongside and follow the player.

Critters are smaller non-combat unique creatures which are not capturable using capture pods. They can be captured without weakening them first by using a relocator gun. After releasing a critter from the relocator it will stay in the area it was released into.

Bugs are very small unique creatures which can be captured using a bug net, and are then stored inside placeable jars. Bugs which are captured using a relocator will fly after release instead of being kept inside a jar.

Unique Monsters


The items available in a biome are many. Objects can be found in microdungeons awhich are unique to this biomes, they can be found in chests scattered throughout the biome. Many of the items found in this biome are also used to furnish colony tenants in order to produce a specific type of tenant.

Unique Drops

There are a variety of items which are specific to chests found in XYZ biomes. Some of these may have a chance to be found in other places throughout the universe, but they've all been specifically allocated to chests within XYZ biomes.

(Note, treasure can those decorative objects, instruments, weapons, and other items which are unique and specifically allocated to chests found the biome. This is NOT all objects that can be found in the biome.)

Weapons & Instruments
Costume Armor
Hawaiian Set
Hawaiian Set.png
Pirate Set
Pirate Set.png
Foundry Merchant

Foundry Tenant.png
Sells ores and mining equipment!
Race Human
Required Objects
Foundry (18)
Rent Timeframe 15 to 30 min.
Rent Rewards Merchant Pool

Tagged Objects and Tenants

The foundry merchant offers the following goods for sale. This merchant is a slightly cheaper, albeit late-game, alternative to the Ursa Miner shop on the outpost.

This biome contains objects associated with objects and furniture that have the foundry tag. These objects are used for spawning Foundry Merchant tenants.

Tenant Sells

Copper Bar Icon.png Pixels-Sell.png 180

Expand to see a full list of tagged objects.

Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Foundry And Switch Icon.png Foundry And Switch wire <An /'And'/ switch. Requires all inputs to be /'on'/ to work.> foundrywired
Foundry Bed Icon.png Foundry Bed furniture A bed with a large lamp over it, producing considerable heat. foundry
Foundry Bellows Icon.png Foundry Bellows decorative An industrial sized set of bellows from a foundry. foundrymechanical
Heavy Chair Icon.png Heavy Chair furniture A heavy metallic chair. foundry
Foundry Console Icon.png Foundry Console wire A console with interesting looking levels and lightbulbs. foundrywired
Foundry Countdown Timer Icon.png Foundry Countdown Timer wire <A timer that stays active for a set duration.> foundrywired
Foundry Delay Gate Icon.png Foundry Delay Gate wire <A circuit that relays signals after a set delay.> foundrywired
Heavy Door Icon.png Heavy Door door A heavy metal door often used in foundries. foundrydoor
Long Industrial Elevator Icon.png Long Industrial Elevator wire This elevator design is commonly seen in foundries. foundrywired
Short Industrial Elevator Icon.png Short Industrial Elevator wire This elevator design is commonly seen in foundries. foundrywired
Foundry Light Icon.png Foundry Light light The lava in this small fountain is superheated to brightly glow. foundrylight
Foundry Not Switch Icon.png Foundry Not Switch wire <A /'Not'/ switch. Inverts the input on the circuit.> foundrywired
Foundry Or Switch Icon.png Foundry Or Switch wire <An /'Or'/ switch. Allows you to have multiple individual inputs.> foundrywired
Foundry Sign Icon.png Foundry Sign decorative A bright sign warning of dangerously high temperatures. foundry
Foundry Support Icon.png Foundry Support decorative 7 A metal girder, usually used for supporting ceilings. foundry
Foundry Switch Icon.png Foundry Switch wire A switch for activating foundry machinery. foundrywired
Foundry Timer (0.5 Sec) Icon.png Foundry Timer (0.5 Sec) wire <A timer. For when you need time to get away.> foundrywired
Foundry Timer (1 Sec) Icon.png Foundry Timer (1 Sec) wire <A timer. For when you need time to get away.> foundrywired
Foundry Timer (2 Sec) Icon.png Foundry Timer (2 Sec) wire <A timer. For when you need time to get away.> foundrywired
Foundry Timer (3 Sec) Icon.png Foundry Timer (3 Sec) wire <A timer. For when you need time to get away.> foundrywired
Foundry Timer (4 Sec) Icon.png Foundry Timer (4 Sec) wire <A timer. For when you need time to get away.> foundrywired
Foundry Timer (5 Sec) Icon.png Foundry Timer (5 Sec) wire <A timer. For when you need time to get away.> foundrywired
Foundry XOR Switch Icon.png Foundry XOR Switch wire An XOR switch. The output will be on when exactly one of the inputs is on. foundrywired
Large Ladle Icon.png Large Ladle decorative A container full of bubbling of molten liquid. foundrymechanical
Small Ladle Icon.png Small Ladle decorative A tall container full of bubbling of molten liquid. foundrymechanical
Cascading Lava Tank Icon.png Cascading Lava Tank decorative This tank cycles the molten liquid inside to keep it from becoming stagnant. foundrymechanical
Large Lava Tank Icon.png Large Lava Tank decorative A sealed tank full of molten liquid. foundrymechanical
Small Lava Tank Icon.png Small Lava Tank decorative A small tank full of molten liquid. foundrymechanical
Magma Lamp Icon.png Magma Lamp light A lamp illuminated by suspended globules of lava. foundryprettylight