Version 1.2.2

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Version 1.2.2 was a small hotfix patch released after Version 1.2.1. It was released to the unstable branch on January 13th, 2017 for testing[1], and stable on January 18th, 2017.[2].

The patch addressed some performance issues which could be caused by specific graphic cards and a few minor UI and gameplay bugs.

It was announced and changes were detailed on the developer blog shortly after unstable and stable release.[3][4]

This patch fixed a few small placement and spawning bugs, and addressed an issue where save files could become corrupted when there was a power loss to the computer. Santa was also removed from the outpost, along with all his goods for sale.


We’ve just pushed a small hotfix to the unstable branch. Here’s what we’ve changed:

  • Fix a bug causing frequent save file corruption on Windows after power loss
  • Fix generated monsters not using their special attacks
  • Fix kill achievements not unlocking properly
  • Fix several materials being erroneously tillable or tilling with the wrong tile mod
  • Fix a dungeon piece in underwater Hylotl cities occasionally failing to place
  • Fix a dungeon piece in ice vaults occasionally failing to place
  • Fix airship dungeon sometimes spawning without a clue object
  • Fix Dreadwing not properly dying when killed with Doomcannon
  • Disable Outpost return gate to prevent several potential exploits
  • Fix Mazebound64 game
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Santa has gone ho ho home, to return another Christmas!