Version 1.3.2

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Version 1.3.2 was a small hotfix patch released after Version 1.3.1. It was released to the unstable branch on July 12th, 2017 for testing, and stable on July 18th, 2017.

It was announced and changes were detailed on the developer blog shortly after stable release.[1]


Additions & Changes

  • Reduce cost of player station parts
  • Show some system information on hovering over stars in the navigation interface
  • Show system name on the system screen in the navigation interface
  • Properly beam away a player’s mech when a player beams off the world
  • Deploying to asteroid fields puts you in a position related to where in the field your ship is
  • Allow any number of script panes with no source entity.
  • Add player.interact lua binding
  • Keep player from starving when in a mech

Bug Fixes

  • Various NPC and Monster behavior fixes
  • Fix issue where player ships from other systems would be visible on the navigation screen
  • Fix issue where deploying to a party member could result in deploying a mech to their ship
  • Improve jarring movement of the sky during flying and warping
  • Fix issue where inventory items would count twice in crafting interfaces
  • Fix parameters argument for spawnnpc console command
  • Fix issue allowing the player to fly the ship before fully repairing it