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Starbound 1.4 - Bounty Hunter Update Trailer

Version 1.4.0 was the fouth major content patch released after Version 1.0. It was released to the unstable branch on April 23rd, 2019 for testing[1] and released to the stable version of the game on June 13, 2019[2].

The primary features introduced in this patch were Bounty Hunting, which included new capture mechanics for criminals, police stations locations, events, and a series of quests, Elemental monster variants, and a new dungeon & new boss.

The update was first teased in late 2017, then put on hold for almost a year while design was re-assessed and other development was prioritized.[3]

It was announced and changes were detailed on the developer blog shortly after unstable release.[4] The full patch notes were shared on the developer blog upon its release.[5]


Bounty Hunting

New Music

Elemental Monsters

New Elemental Monster variants. They are capturable, and earn progress in a new Collection - the Rare Monster collection.

New Furniture

New Additions

Changes and Fixes
  • Changed the crafting requirements for all mech parts to match materials in the system where the blueprint is found.'
  • Changed name of 'T-Rex' fossil pieces to 'T. Rex'
  • Fixed bug where Triplod Figurine was not properly awarding credit to the Collections Library
  • Various lua bindings added
  • Added /setdungeonid command
  • Updated instrument audio position to follow the player
  • Display for gendered armor in tooltips
  • Add hover state to mission/crew/tech interface lists
  • For radial tile brushes, damage tile center instead of tile origin
  • Allow equalsSelf material render rule to also match on hue
  • Add a glow to inventory button when inventory has new items
  • Add a cooldown to ouch noise
  • Remove monster families and variantParameters
  • Allow bursting particle emitters multiple times in the same frame
  • Fix latch object animation bug
  • Only suffocate if mouth position is inside collision geometry
  • Fix energypickaxe animation state
  • Fix projectiles not dealing damage if spawned after the parent projectile has died
  • Minor bugfixes

Disabled Additions

Version 1.4.0 also added a major dungeon, the Cultist Lair, but it did not enable generation of that dungeon in the universe.