Version 1.4.2

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Version 1.4.2 was a small hotfix patch released after Version 1.4.1. It was released to the stable branch on June 25th, 2019.


Minor Changes/Bug Fixes

  • Use jemalloc with linux build (fixes some memory leak issues on linux)
  • Fix issue where tile rendering slows down if the game is reloaded a lot
  • Increase tile renderer texture atlas size, may speed up tile rendering in some cases
  • Implement multi texturing support, may fix some issues with rendering framerate
  • Fix issue (introduced in 1.4) where images with lots of directives would further slow down rendering in some circumstances
  • Fix vault guardians not spawning
  • Fix NPCs ignoring movement impairing effects (glue gun, stun grenade)
  • Fix NPCs always facing in their movement direction while moving
  • Fix issue where NPCs wouldn't attack while moving
  • Fix some issues related to player crouching
  • Fix issue where some occasus cultists were not human
  • Fix issue where tutorial bounty could point you to the wrong location
  • Fix issue where the sports car would be invisible while spawning
  • Fix issue where guard tenants always spawn at level 4 or above
  • Fix issue where the player can end up equipping the same item in both hands (causing the game to crash, and corrupt the save file)
  • Fix issue where the boat wouldn't rock in the wind, as intended
  • Fix issue where Novakid are not fullbright on other people's clients
  • Fix issue where the Trictus would only attack in one direction
  • Fix issue where pathfinding wasn't working for flying entities
  • Fix issue where the heavy drone monster would die if the player is out of sight
  • Don't allow script contexts to access or set the metatable for global lua standard library tables
  • Remove F8 as a default keybinding for reloading the game
  • Play "no atmosphere" SAIL message only if the player position has no air
  • Remove damage from stun grenade
  • Remove stray dirt block from bounty vault
  • Make neo laser weapons dropped by gang members scale to their level
  • If the bounty station disappears for whatever reason (save data corruption), a new assignment quest will be given to the player on startup or on entering their assigned system
  • Bounty text fixes
  • Large number of miscellaneous fixes to images, text typos, configs, etc. (Thank you to jss2a98aj on discord for reporting a big list of errors)
  • New Wargroove themed decorations: Cherrystone Banner, Felheim Banner, Floran Banner, Heavensong Banner