Difficulty mode

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A character who has died in Permadeath mode.

Difficulty mode is selected at character creation and applies to the character being created. The character's difficulty mode determines the repercussions of death. The difficulty mode of a character cannot be changed once a character has been created.

Survival is the difficulty by default when starting a new character

Difficulty Modes

There are currently three modes available:

  • Casual: No need to eat and no death penalties. (10% of pixels are still lost.) You can beam to your ship from underground.
  • Survival (default): Eat to survive, drop items on death. (30% of pixels are lost. Items like food, blocks, and ores are scattered on the ground and can be picked up again by returning to where the player died. Tools and weapons are not dropped.) You can't beam to your ship from underground.
  • Hardcore: When you die your character stays dead!