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A Floran character who had died in Hardcore mode, as seen in the character selection menu. (Beta)

Difficulty mode is selected at character creation and applies to the character being created. The character's difficulty mode determines whether they need to eat food to survive, the conditions under which they are able to beam to their ship, and the repercussions of their death. The difficulty mode of a character cannot be changed after they have been created.

Survival is the default difficulty mode when starting a new character.

Difficulty Modes

There are currently three modes available:

  • Casual: No need to eat and no death penalties.
Characters in Casual mode do not need to consume food items in order to survive, but can still enjoy various benefits from doing so. They can beam to their ship from nearly any location. It should be noted that, despite the character creation menu stating that there are no death penalties, characters in Casual mode still lose 10% of their carried pixels upon death.
This mode provides a more relaxed gameplay experience. It is ideal for new players, as well as for players who wish to experiment and build with minimal interruptions.
  • Survival (default): Eat to survive, drop items on death.
Characters in Survival mode must consume food items in order to prevent their hunger meter from depleting. Failing to manage their hunger will lead to starvation and eventually death. They can not beam to their ship while in front of background walls or deep underground unless they place and use a teleporter. Upon death, they lose 30% of their carried pixels and drop their blocks, crafting materials, and food items (equipment, weapons, and tools are not dropped). Dropped items may be retrieved by returning to the location at which the character had died.
This mode's conditions make for a more realistic and challenging gameplay experience. It is suitable for players who wish to take full advantage of the game's food-related mechanics, such as farming and cooking.
  • Hardcore: When you die your character stays dead!
Characters in Hardcore mode bear the same passive penalties as in Survival mode. Upon death, however, they drop all of their items and become permanently disabled at the character selection menu.
This mode is primarily intended for players who seek bragging rights in achieving certain goals without dying. It is not recommended for long-term collectors and decorators, as they would run a constant risk of losing all of their hard work due to a mishap.