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Pixels, used for 3D Printing they have become a universal currency.

Value 0
INGREDIENTS (makes 600)

Pixels are the main currency in Starbound and are required for many functions, such as purchasing items from NPC vendors, scanning and printing items using the Pixel Printer, as well as being an ingredient in many crafting recipes.

Obtaining Pixels

There are multiple ways of which pixels may be acquired; these include "farming" monsters with melee based weapons, breaking pots, completing quests, finding them in chests and by refining ores at a Refinery.

Protecting Pixels

When the player dies, they will lose 30% of the pixels they currently have. Pixels can't be stored in containers, but the player can use a Pixel Compressor to compress pixels into voxels, which can be safely stored. Voxels can then be extracted at a Refinery for usable pixels, though at a 40% loss in value in order to prevent fully circumventing the pixel loss on death.

The formula for maximum pixels retained after death is: (Average # of Pixels collected between deaths)*(7/3)

For Example:

Player A Compresses all Pixels they find. 100,000 Pixels Collected. They compress these Pixels into Voxels which retain a value of 60,000 Pixels no matter how many times the player dies.

Player B Never Compresses Pixels. 100,000 Pixels Collected. They die, on average, every 10,000 pixels collected. They would reach a "cap" of 23,333 Pixels retained after death.

Ingredient for

Icon.png [[]] () 25
Executive Teleporter Icon.png Executive Teleporter 3000
Brass Teleporter Icon.png Brass Teleporter 3000
Cupid's Wings Icon.png Cupid's Wings 150
Cupid's Bow Icon.png Cupid's Bow 150
Cupid's Sash Icon.png Cupid's Sash 100
Heart Wreath Icon.png Heart Wreath 100
Cupid's Diaper Icon.png Cupid's Diaper 100
Flower Bouquet Icon.png Flower Bouquet 100
Icon.png [[]] () 100
Futuristic Teleporter Icon.png Futuristic Teleporter 3000
Heart Forge Icon.png Heart Forge 150
Holiday Spirit Icon.png Holiday Spirit 100
Icon.png [[]] () 25
Icon.png [[]] () 25
Icon.png [[]] () 120
Icon.png [[]] () 25
Icon.png [[]] () 150
Icon.png [[]] () 25
Icon.png [[]] () 1000
Icon.png [[]] () 25
Scientific Teleporter Icon.png Scientific Teleporter 3000
Icon.png [[]] () 150
Stone Teleporter Icon.png Stone Teleporter 3000
Icon.png [[]] () 25
Tomb Teleporter Icon.png Tomb Teleporter 3000
Chocolate (Valentine) Icon.png Chocolate (Valentine) 150
10k Voxel Icon.png 10k Voxel 10000
1k Voxel Icon.png 1k Voxel 1000
2k Voxel Icon.png 2k Voxel 2000
5k Voxel Icon.png 5k Voxel 5000
Wooden Teleporter Icon.png Wooden Teleporter 3000


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem money
File Name money.coinitem
File Path assets/items/coins