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The version history of Starbound consists of the changes that have been made to the game with each update. Starbound first entered public beta on December 4th, 2013, and left beta into version 1.0 on July 22nd, 2016.

Throughout beta, development changes were tracked through daily development updates on the homepage. Game progress continues to be updated there since full release, though posts are no longer made daily.

Changes listed in italics are those not mentioned in the official patch notes.

Current Version

Version 1.1.1 Version 1.2.0 Version 1.1.1
September 19th, 2016 December 7th, 2016 September 13th, 2016
Stable Unstable Nightly
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Full Releases

Version Release date Unstable release Nightly release Notable changes
1.2.0 December 7th, 2016 Terraforming, Ancient Vaults, Weapon upgrades
1.1.1 September 19th, 2016[1] September 13th, 2016 September 13th, 2016
1.1.0 September 8th, 2016[2] September 6th, 2016 August 4th, 2016 Novakid Villages, Collections, Fishing, new content and bugfixes.
1.0.5 August 4th, 2016[3]
1.0.4 August 2nd, 2016[4]
1.0.3 July 29th, 2016[5]
1.0.2 July 26th, 2016[6]
1.0.1 July 25th, 2016[7]
1.0 July 22nd, 2016[8] Starbound leaves 'early access'/'beta' and releases Version 1.0

Beta Releases

Version Release date Unstable release Nightly release Notable changes
Cheerful Giraffe July 22nd, 2016[9] July 9th, 2016 December 7th, 2015 Story Update. Reworked game introduction and story, new quests/lore, crafting reworked, pets, crew, fossils, rails, tech reworked, planet generation changed, new biomes, new content.
Glad Giraffe December 15th, 2015[10]
December 8th, 2015[11] November 27th, 2015 Combat Update. Weapons reworked, unique monsters introduced, vehicles, new biomes and other content.
Pleased Giraffe August 25th, 2015 August 19th, 2015[12] Colony Update. Colony System, Frögg Furnishings, Improvements to NPCs and planet generation, challenge rooms, merchants, progression and combat reworked, new content.
Spirited Giraffe April 21st, 2015 April 16th, 2015[13] Planet Bookmarks, Teleporters, ship pets, The Ark, Slime Caves.
Upbeat Giraffe January 28, 2015[14] December 18th, 2015 December 9th, 2015 New content, Erchius Horror microdungeons, Human armor redesigned.
Rampaging Koala June 16, 2014 Winter Update. Tons of new content, biomes, star types, foods, techs, bosses, quests, unique biome weapons, armor and items, staffs, ship upgrades, Novakids, missions, crafting specializations, knockback and temperature removed.
Enraged Koala April 24th, 2014[15] Valentine's day content, skyrails, Treasure Room/Heck underground mini biomes, changes to biome generation, lots of engine and programming improvements, bugfixes.
April 8th, 2014[16]
April 2nd, 2014
March 26th, 2014[17] March 18th, 2014[18]
March 18th, 2014[19] March 14th, 2014[20]
March 7th, 2014[21]
March 4th, 2014
March 3rd, 2014[22] February 26th, 2014[23]
February 22, 2014[24]
February 18, 2014[25]
Furious Koala January 26, 2014[26] Difficulty levels, disk serialization overhaul, new cosmetic armor
Angry Koala December 22, 2013[27] Christmas holiday content, turrets, Wiring Station
Offended Koala December 15, 2013[28]
Indignant Koala December 11, 2013[29]
Frustrated Koala December 10, 2013[30]
Annoyed Koala December 10, 2013[31] Major balance pass
Irritated Koala December 5, 2013[32]
Perturbed Koala December 4, 2013[33] "Starbound Beta" released.


Alpha was non-public, available only to Chucklefish developers, a small number of contributors, and some family and friends. Game development was tracked through daily development updates posted on the front page of These updates began in May 2013 and continued almost daily until the games beta release in December 2013.

Nightly Build

The nightly version of Starbound was a test build available to players who choose to opt-in. The build was at times very buggy, and often had large game features disabled or configured for testing. It was a nightly copy of the development build being worked on by Chucklefish during early access which automatically pushed the current state to Steam each day at 4am UTC.

Nightly builds were retired shortly after 1.0 was released, in September 2016. Development still continues, but it patch progress is no longer automatically pushed to the nightly branch. Currently the nightly branch is the same build as stable.

See the changelog for details about past updates to the stable version of the game.

Asset Differences

Throughout much of late beta forum user Kawa maintained a list of nightly differences in assets. They offer a detailed breakdown of changes pushed with each nightly build. These logs are not reflective of all game changes, and are specific to asset changes so may not reflect changes to some filetypes or engine adjustments.


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