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Human Icon.png
playable race

Cultural Style Modern
Appearance Human

Human is a playable race in Starbound. They are portrayed as a decently experienced, somewhat immature race, despite being one of the more technologically advanced races. Other races commonly dismiss them as pitiful or weak, although they are also respected in most areas.

Official introduction

Humanity was a flourishing species with a high evolution rate and extremely hardy in terms of healing, recovery and endurance. They were the first race to engage in space travel, both for science and entertainment, but their limitations restricted them to their own solar system. Eventually they began to war amongst themselves more frequently, and with Earth's resources depleting, returned to the space race as each of the world's superpowers attempted to claim and colonize new planets. While in the midst of a particularly lengthy struggle to claim Mars, the humans observed a Beast From Beyond The Stars crash land on Earth. World leaders were heard to exclaim 'it's like something out of a sci-fi movie' and 'we'd better run for it' and 'maybe it's friendly, let's not be hasty'. (This person was later fired.)


Starter Clothing

Human Racial Armor

Set NamePower Icon.pngArmor Icon.pngEnergy Icon.pngHealth Icon.pngHelmChestLegsTier
Scouter's Set50251010Scouter's VisorScouter's ChestguardScouter's GreavesTier01
Pioneer's Set150603030Pioneer's HelmPioneer's ChestguardPioneer's PantsTier03
Outrider's Set200704040Outrider's HelmOutrider's ChestguardOutrider's PantsTier04
Trailblazer's Set300755050Trailblazer's HelmTrailblazer's BreastplateTrailblazer's GreavesTier05
Vanguard's Set2507512550Vanguard's HelmVanguard's Flak JacketVanguard's PantsTier05
Adventurer's Set2507550100Adventurer's HelmAdventurer's ChestguardAdventurer's TrousersTier05
Universalist's Set3008060120Universalist's HelmUniversalist's TechjacketUniversalist's TechpantsTier06
Seeker's Set3008015060Seeker's HelmetSeeker's ChestguardSeeker's PantsTier06
Wanderer's Set360806060Wanderer's HelmetWanderer's ChestguardWanderer's PantsTier06

Human Ship

Human Ship
A Human Ship Pet

The human starter ship was the first ship announced [1]. Its simple and elegant design looks futuristic, but distinct enough from the other races to remain unique. Fluorescent lamps light up the cabin, and a plush captain's chair sits on the bridge.

Human cloning

Human Cloning
The human cloning chamber was the first respawn animation shared, but it's slightly different in-game, having the doors close after the muscles are created.


  • The human's unique pet may be a reference to the movie Alien, in which the characters had a pet cat on their spaceship.
  • The Human's starting ship may be a reference to the Hammerhead-class cruiser from the Knights of the Old Republic games, as it has the same distinct vertical hammerhead and overall appearance from the side.
  • The human's respawn animation is a reference to body reconstruction scene in the 1997 movie The Fifth Element.



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