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Race differentiates the different species in Starbound. There are seven playable races in the game.

Each race has unique aesthetics, such as ship design and NPC building architecture. The Player has the ability to unlock race-specific features through gameplay.

Races also have separate armor tiers. The differences are purely aesthetic differences, with no change gameplay-wise from one race's armor to another's.

Apex Icon.png ApexAvian Icon.png AvianFloran Icon.png FloranGlitch Icon.png GlitchHuman Icon.png HumanHylotl Icon.png HylotlNovakid Icon.png Novakid
Alpaca Icon.png AlpacaAgaran Icon.png AgaranAncient Icon.png AncientFeneroxIcon.png FeneroxFrog Icon.png FroggPenguin Icon.png Penguin