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Hylotl Icon.png
playable race

Cultural Style Feudal Japan
Appearance Fish/Amphibian

The Hylotl are a playable race in Starbound.

Official introduction

The Hylotl, a proud amphibious species, were concerned with beauty. It's what drove them, the pursuit of perfection. Through years of living under the ocean, they developed empathy towards all other species, with a strong desire to reach out and save all living things. As such, they were pacifists and herbivores, content to simply live in peace until one day they were forced out of their homes, and off-world entirely, by the dreaded Floran menace.


In the past, the Hylotl had wars with the Floran. Eventually, the Floran drove the Hylotl out of their planet. The Hylotl forgive the Floran as a race, but individual Hylotl hate Florans.


Starter Clothing

Hylotl Racial Armor

Set NamePower Icon.pngArmor Icon.pngEnergy Icon.pngHealth Icon.pngHelmChestLegsTier
Puddle Set50251010Puddle HatPuddle ChestguardPuddle PantsTier01
Pond Set100452020Pond HelmPond BreastplatePond GreavesTier02
River Set150603030River HelmRiver BreastplateRiver LeggingsTier03
Lake Set200704040Lake HelmLake BreastplateLake GreavesTier04
Reef Set300755050Reef HelmReef JacketReef PantsTier05
Sea Set2507512550Sea HatSea ChestguardSea LeggingsTier05
Ocean Set2507550100Ocean HelmOcean ChestguardOcean GreavesTier05
Euphotic Set3008015060Euphotic HelmEuphotic JacketEuphotic PantsTier06
Disphotic Set3008060120Disphotic HelmDisphotic BreastplateDisphotic GreavesTier06
Aphotic Set360806060Aphotic FinAphotic ChestguardAphotic TrousersTier06

Starter ship[1]

Hylotl Ship Upgrade 3.png
A Hylotl Ship Pet
The Hylotl Ship is sleek with fin-like structures at the top of it and eventually a tail-like fin after upgrading it. The blue color is likely an homage to their aquatic nature.

Respawn animation

The respawn animation for the Hylotl shows a tadpole hatching from its egg and then growing into an adult. (similar to the Avian respawn animation.)

Trivia and Observations

  • The first version of the Hylotl Starter Ship was a large red Koi fish, complete with scales and fins. You can see it here.
  • Hylotl furniture tends to sit very low to the ground. (Observed a short glitch footstool).

Information gathered by using the OBSERVE command (N):

  • Upon observing some hanging parchment with some primitive scribbles on it, Hylotl characters remark in an oddly positive tone that this attempt at "taking up the pen" may be a turning point for the Floran civilization, indicating a potential willingness to reopen negotiations.
  • According to the description on pieces of the Hylotl Euphotic Armor, their young are reared in shallow waters before being taken down into the deeper waters to join the rest of their peoples.
  • According to the description on pieces of the early Pond Armor set, some Hylotl ride large, aquatic mounts into battle. It is unknown if this will ever be represented in-game.
  • As a nice little nod to the Hylotl's being based off of Japan, the Hylotl Flag has a striking resemblance to the Japanese flag, except with three dots instead of one.


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