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Cooking is an object tag associated with cooking themed objects and furniture. These objects are used for spawning Chef merchant tenants.


Name Type Race Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Chef Apex Tenant.png
Chef Avian Tenant.png
Chef Floran Tenant.png
Chef Glitch Tenant.png
Chef Tenant.png
Chef Hylotl Tenant.png
Chef Novakid Tenant.png
Chef Merchant Specific* Racial (6), Cooking (8) Merchant 15 to 30 minutes
Random Cooking (8) 20 to 30 minutes

* "Specific" under Race means that you can specify one of these races: Apex, Avian, Floran, Glitch, Human, Hylotl, Novakid. So "Racial (8)" means "Apex (8)" if you want an Apex tenant.


Object Category Price Description Tags
Basic Oven Icon.png Basic Oven Crafting Station 70 It's been so long since I had a home cooked meal... or a home. humanhumanvillagecooking
Cabin Stove Icon.png Cabin Stove Crafting Station 100 A quaint metal stove, perfect for cooking. cabinlightcooking
Campfire Icon.png Campfire Crafting Station 30 Embers dance away from the campfire, warming the air. The heat can be used for cooking. cookinglight
Chic Cooking Table Icon.png Chic Cooking Table Crafting Station 100 This counter seems ideal for food preparation. outpostcooking
Chic Fridge Icon.png Chic Fridge Refrigerated Storage 180 A fridge. Hopefully filled with tasty, tasty treats. outpostcookingstorage
Classic Plate Icon.png Classic Plate Decorative 30 A fine china plate. apexapexmansioncooking
Crystal Glass Icon.png Crystal Glass Decorative 30 A soft scent of fruit juice lingers. apexapexmansioncooking
Full-Size Fridge Icon.png Full-Size Fridge Refrigerated Storage 180 Perfect for storing a lot of food and keeping it fresh. humanhumanvillagecookingstorage
Kitchen Counter Icon.png Kitchen Counter Crafting Station 100 Used to produce wholesome foods with a variety of effects. cooking
Kitchen Shelf Icon.png Kitchen Shelf Decorative 70 A nice kitchen shelf that keeps spices handy. farmstoragecooking
Kitchen Stove Top Icon.png Kitchen Stove Top Crafting Station 195 A sturdy kitchen cabinet with a stove top. farmcooking
Kitchen Tools Icon.png Kitchen Tools Decorative 60 Tools for creating pure, unadulterated deliciousness. glitchglitchvillagecooking
Large Cooler Icon.png Large Cooler Refrigerated Storage 180 Perfect for storing a lot of food and keeping it fresh. cookingstorage
Market Fruit Stall Icon.png Market Fruit Stall Decorative 120 I wonder what fruit they sell on this planet. avianavianvillagecommercecooking
Medieval Cooking Pot Icon.png Medieval Cooking Pot Crafting Station 125 This cooking pot expels the odour of a hundred hearty meals. glitchglitchvillagecookinglight
Medieval Cup Icon.png Medieval Cup Decorative 20 A dirty-looking wooden cup. glitchglitchvillagecooking
Microwave Icon.png Microwave Crafting Station 70 Nuke all the foods! humanhumanvillagecookingelectronic
Microwave Oven Icon.png Microwave Oven Crafting Station 70 A microwave. For when you're hungry enough to nuke your food. outpostcooking
Mini Fridge Icon.png Mini Fridge Refrigerated Storage 90 Ideal for storing food and keeping it fresh. storagecooking
Nanostove Icon.png Nanostove Crafting Station 90 Provides exceptional heat and a great for cooking outdoors. cooking
Primitive Stove Icon.png Primitive Stove Crafting Station 70 A very basic cooking pot suspended over a campfire. floranfloranvillagecookinglight
Produce Shop Sign Icon.png Produce Shop Sign Decorative 55 A shop that sells freshly farmed produce. glitchglitchvillagecommercecooking
Rustic Oven Icon.png Rustic Oven Crafting Station 70 Crackling quietly, the smell of hickory smoke is delightful. cookinglight
Saloon Tumbler Icon.png Saloon Tumbler Decorative 30 A dirty-looking glass tumbler. novakidnovakidvillagecooking
Standard Issue Fridge Icon.png Standard Issue Fridge Refrigerated Storage 110 A fridge, good for keeping food cold. apexapexvillagestoragecooking
Standard Issue Oven Icon.png Standard Issue Oven Crafting Station 90 Cooks food to a reasonable standard. apexapexvillagecooking
Teacup Icon.png Teacup Decorative 30 A steaming cup of Earl Grey. cooking
Teapot Icon.png Teapot Decorative 40 The perfect teapot for a tea party. cooking
Object Tags