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Scorched is an object tag associated with objects and furniture that are associated with decayed biomes. These objects are used for spawning Deadbeat Merchant tenants.


Name Type Race Biome Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Scorched Tenant.png
Deadbeat Merchant Merchant Human Decayed Scorched (18) Merchant 15 to 30 minutes


Object Category Price Description Tags
Shelter Shelf Icon.png Shelter Shelf Storage 110 Everything you need to survive. Almost. scorchedstoragecommerce
Explosive Barrel Icon.png Explosive Barrel Decorative 55 An explosive metal barrel. It looks dangerous. scorched
Manhole Cover Icon.png Manhole Cover Door 0 A manhole cover. doorscorched
Metal Trap Door Icon.png Metal Trap Door Door 125 A trap door disguised as a metal platform. doorscorched
Scorched Bench Icon.png Scorched Bench Furniture 110 A scorched bench. scorched
Tire Arrow Sign Icon.png Tire Arrow Sign Decorative 110 An arrow sign. scorched
Stylish Bed Icon.png Stylish Bed Furniture 45 A clean and sturdy bed. scorched
Broken Stylish Bed Icon.png Broken Stylish Bed Decorative 45 A broken bed. scorched
Broken Stylish Chair Icon.png Broken Stylish Chair Decorative 75 A broken chair. scorched
Large Broken Drawers Icon.png Large Broken Drawers Decorative 110 A chest of drawers, minus a few drawers. scorched
Small Broken Drawers Icon.png Small Broken Drawers Decorative 110 A chest of drawers, minus a drawer. scorched
Grimy Stylish Counter Icon.png Grimy Stylish Counter Decorative 45 A counter with added grime. scorched
Broken Electric Box Icon.png Broken Electric Box Decorative 110 A broken electric box. scorched
Broken Utility Box Icon.png Broken Utility Box Decorative 110 A broken utility box. scorched
Rusty Stylish Fridge Icon.png Rusty Stylish Fridge Decorative 110 A broken fridge. scorched
Broken Register Icon.png Broken Register Decorative 110 A broken register. scorched
Neglected Rusty Sign Icon.png Neglected Rusty Sign Decorative 75 A road sign, it is bent and rusted. scorched
Rusty Metal Store Shelf Icon.png Rusty Metal Store Shelf Storage 250 A rusty metal shelf, some store goods still remain on the shelves. scorchedstoragecommerce
Broken Round Table Icon.png Broken Round Table Furniture 70 A broken wooden table. scorched
Rusty Holding Tank Icon.png Rusty Holding Tank Decorative 110 A rusty holding tank. scorchedmechanical
Broken Traffic Lights Icon.png Broken Traffic Lights Decorative 75 A set of traffic lights, badly broken. scorched
Broken Stylish TV Icon.png Broken Stylish TV Decorative 110 A broken television set. scorched
Stylish Chair Icon.png Stylish Chair Furniture 75 A stylish but sturdy chair. scorched
Decayed Chest Icon.png Decayed Chest Storage 70 A battered, decayed looking chest. scorchedstorage
Large Stylish Drawers Icon.png Large Stylish Drawers Storage 110 A large contemporary chest of drawers. scorchedstorage
Small Stylish Drawers Icon.png Small Stylish Drawers Storage 110 A small contemporary chest of drawers. scorched
Stylish Counter Icon.png Stylish Counter Storage 110 A clean looking counter. scorchedstorage
Rusty Crate Icon.png Rusty Crate Storage 110 A rusty crate. scorchedstoragecommerce
Stylish Fridge Icon.png Stylish Fridge Refrigerated Storage 180 A contemprary style fridge, capable of extending the shelf life of food. scorchedstorage
Store Register Icon.png Store Register Storage 60 Ka-ching! scorchedcommerce
Warning Sign Icon.png Warning Sign Decorative 100 A warning sign, but what is it warning of? scorched
Small Rusty Crate Icon.png Small Rusty Crate Storage 75 A small rusty looking crate. scorchedstoragecommerce
Metal Store Shelf Icon.png Metal Store Shelf Storage 110 A metal shelf packed with store goods. scorchedstoragecommerce
Round Table Icon.png Round Table Furniture 70 A rounded wooden table. scorched
Stylish TV Icon.png Stylish TV Decorative 110 A popular style of television set. scorched
Rusty Land Mine Icon.png Rusty Land Mine Wire 20 An old, forgotten land mine. It may still be active! scorchedcombat
Wooden Utility Pole Icon.png Wooden Utility Pole Decorative 110 A wooden utility pole. scorched
Wooden Telephone Pole Icon.png Wooden Telephone Pole Decorative 110 A wooden utility pole. scorched
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