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Glitch Icon.png
playable race

Cultural Style Medieval
Appearance Robotlike

The Glitch are a playable race in Starbound.

Official introduction

The Glitch were part of a program invented by an unknown race of enormous intelligence, they were built as a means of simulating the social and technological progress of a civilization.

These experiments took place in a vast number of regions across the Universe, despite changing a plethora of variables each civilization eventually destroyed itself when its technological progression began to overtake its social progression. All but the Glitch.

For reasons unknown a fault caused the Glitch to become stuck early in the simulation, where they now remain. The experiment long abandoned, the Glitch are unable to shake their Medieval values and beliefs. They’re entirely unaware of their origin and are built to experience the feelings and desires of any other sentient organism.

The Glitch reproduce by finding a mate and physically building a new Glitch together. Occasional faults in this process has caused Glitch to be produced free from the limitations of their programming. Entirely self aware and full of advanced knowledge, these Glitch are generally thought to be insane and are hunted, imprisoned and executed.

Small numbers of faulty Glitch have managed to escape their homeworlds and set up villages amongst the Stars.[1]


Starter Clothing

Glitch Racial Armor

Set NamePower Icon.pngArmor Icon.pngEnergy Icon.pngHealth Icon.pngHelmChestLegsTier
Knave's Set50251010Knave's HelmKnave's BreastplateKnave's PantsTier01
Soldier's Set100452020Soldier's HelmSoldier's BreastplateSoldier's PantsTier02
Knight's Set150603030Knight's HelmKnight's BreastplateKnight's GreavesTier03
Dark Knight's Set200704040Dark Knight's HelmDark Knight's BreastplateDark Knight's TassetsTier04
Crusader's Set2507512550Crusader's HelmCrusader's BreastplateCrusader's GreavesTier05
Paladin's Set2507550100Paladin's HelmPaladin's BreastplatePaladin's GreavesTier05
Lancer's Set300755050Lancer's HelmLancer's BreastplateLancer's GreavesTier05
Legionnaire's Set3008015060Legionnaire's HelmLegionnaire's BreastplateLegionnaire's GreavesTier06
Templar's Set360806060Templar's HelmTemplar's BreastplateTemplar's GreavesTier06
Doom Lord's Set3008060120Doom Lord's HelmDoom Lord's BreastplateDoom Lord's GreavesTier06

Glitch Ship

Glitch Ship
A Glitch Ship Pet

The Glitch starter ship resembles a castle with turrets and a (non-functional) cannon. The inside is modern, but the outside appears to have towers built out of stone.

Glitch structures

The Glitch often reside in medieval style castles and villages.


Respawn animation

Glitch Reassembly

The Glitch respawn animation was shared by Tiy via a daily update. [2] It show's the character's body being reassembled by factory like machines.


  • The way the Glitch speak resembles HK-47 from Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic, as they state their emotion or intent before their statement.
  • Many high-tier Glitch helmets and chestplates contain an extra brain.


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