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Current Crafting Window

Crafting is the process of making items in Starbound by combining other materials together. The crafting system is quite extensive and includes many types of items, objects, weapons, armor, and consumables. Tiy has stated there will be over 1300 schematics available at launch. Crafting is mostly done at different Crafting Stations, such as the Wooden Crafting Table. However, some items can also be made by hand, without using a specialized crafting station. Several items require using blueprints before their recipes are unlocked.


The crafting interface consists of a list of items available to craft at the current crafting station. Players can hover over each item to determine the ingredients needed to craft the item. The item is able to be crafted given that the player possesses enough ingredients in the inventory. Players can choose the number of times the item is crafted by changing the numerical field in the crafting interface.

There are a number of organizational elements within the crafting window that allow the player to sort and filter schematics. The icons at the bottom left show crafting categories. Selecting these will filter available schematics by that category. There is also a search bar above the category icons where the player can search craftable items by name or category. The player can also select the 'HAVE MATERIALS' checkbox, which will filter the list to include only schematics where all required components are in the players inventory. Clicking 'Level' at the top of the schematics list will sort listed objects by level. Lastly, the four colored buttons at the top of the window will filter by corresponding item rarity.

Block-Crafting.png Blocks

Block crafting includes any type of construction block, brick, or placeable material.

Armor-Crafting.png Armor

Armor crafting includes any armor, costume or vanity item that can be placed in an equipment slot. Crafting more powerful armor will require higher level materials.

Weapons-Crafting.png Weapons

Weapon Crafting includes any weapon used in combat. This includes Swords, Guns, Hammers and Spears. Crafting more powerful weapons will require higher level materials.

Food-Crafting.png Food

Early mockup of the cooking window
Cooking is a type of crafting that also has a separate UI window from the main crafting window designed for crafting food and drink. There are different cooking windows for different stations. For example, the cooking interface for a campfire is much simpler, and involves dragging and dropping single items into the window where they are upgraded into cooked food.

Many schematics in the cooking interface are restricted to cooking crafting stations. Examples of cooking stations include Campfire, Wooden Cooking Table, Stove, and Barrel Fire.

Tools-Crafting.png Tools

Tools crafting includes items that have a primarily non-combat use. This includes pick-axes, drills and chainsaws.

Furniture-Crafting.png Furniture

Furniture crafting involves any placeable objects in the furniture category. These objects may have unique uses, or be purely decorative.

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