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Grappling Hook
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Oh my god, whee! This is so fun!

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The Grappling Hook is a tool in Starbound that allows the player to cast a line to swing, be pulled up or over to another platform. It can be crafted at the Robotic Crafting Table after defeating the Dragon King.

Grappling Hooks can be dual wielded, allowing the player to hold to a surface with one hook while casting another, or to shoot or swing a weapon while moving with the hook.


Can be controlled with W and S to raise and lower yourself. Jumping while in the air will disengage both hooks. Hooks change color when dual-wielded; blue for left-handed, red for right-handed.


Activating the Morphball tech will make active hooks disappear, but if you do not switch items, disabling Morphball will make the hooks reappear at the same location. The hooks may detach themselves if you are too far away, or you may be flung very far.

In the nightly, and unstable build Upbeat Giraffe, the grappling hook does not consume energy as it should. This might be an intended feature as you do not recover energy while grappled onto blocks.

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File Details

itemName grapplinghook
File Name grapplinghook.grapplinghook
File Path assets/items/tools
Multi-tools Matter Manipulator
Digging Tools Pickaxes Copper PickaxeSilver PickaxeGold PickaxePlatinum PickaxeDiamond Pickaxe
Drills Copper DrillSilver DrillGold DrillPlatinum DrillDiamond Drill
Axes / Chainsaws Chainsaw
Climbing Climbing RopeGrappling HookSwinging Vine
Farming Hoe
Special Tools Building Paint ToolWiring Tool
Gathering Bug NetFishing Rod
Lighting LanternFlareFlashlightFlashlight (Green)Flashlight (Red)Flashlight (Yellow)
Developer Only FishaxeSuper Fishaxe
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