Grappling Hook

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Grappling Hook
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Oh my god, whee! This is so fun!

Value 3000

Grappling Hooks are a tool that allows the player to cast a line to swing, be pulled up or over to another platform. It can be crafted at a Robotic Crafting Table using 20 durasteel bars and 4 climbing rope.

Grappling Hooks can be dual wielded, allowing the player to hold to a surface with one hook while casting another, or to shoot or swing a weapon while moving with the hook.


Can be controlled with W and S to raise and lower yourself. Jumping while in the air will disengage both hooks. Hooks change color when dual-wielded; blue for left-handed, red for right-handed.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem grapplinghook
File Name grapplinghook.activeitem
File Path assets/items/active/grapplinghooks/grapplinghook
Durasteel Bar Icon.png Durasteel