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Blocks are the materials that make up planets and structures in Starbound. They can be collected in the player inventory using special tools and then placed or used as a material for crafting. The process of harvesting blocks is called mining.

Natural blocks

Natural blocks are any block type found on planets directly obtained by mining. This also includes ores.

Ore Gems

Natural Blocks

Note: Though they can be found naturally each Rock Block variant are unobtainable and do not have an inventory icon. Harvesting them results in Cobblestone.

Natural blocks can also be used for construction, or as a crafting material to form other blocks, which can be used as construction materials.

Crafted blocks

There are building bricks that can be crafted and used in the construction of structures. The following are the blocks available through crafting.

Blocks Platforms Rails

*Silver, Gold, and Platinum Blocks do not yet have a crafting recipe.

Crafted blocks have the ability to be recolored using paint mode.

Village and dungeon blocks

Village and dungeon blocks are found in structures in all parts of the game. These blocks can be dislodged from these structures just like all other blocks, but in some dungeons a protection object must first be destroyed.

Building Bricks Platforms

*As of Beta v. Angry Koala, Smooth Concrete and Smooth Stone Brick have not been fully implemented into the game yet as blocks, though they have item files.
**Ladders cannot be obtained ingame yet and do not display properly when placed.
***Ship Platform cannot be obtained ingame due to a typo in its code.

Village and dungeon blocks are able to painted in the same way as crafted blocks.

As such, as of v. Angry Koala, painting a foreground-only block from this category, such as a platform or ladder, will not show the block as colored when it is placed, similar to crafted blocks. This is most likely a bug.

Block image samples

The following tables show a 3 by 3 square arrangement of each block as they can appear ingame. Note that some blocks, such as Dirt and Sand, can naturally have a variety of colors.


Natural blocks

Ice Sample.png


Mud Sample.png


Tar Sample.png


Crafted blocks

Village and dungeon blocks

... Sample.png



Ancient Platform Sample.png Bamboo Platform Sample.png Copper Platform Sample.png Golden Platform Sample.png Lunar Base Platform Sample.png Modern Platform Sample.png
Ancient Platform Bamboo Platform Copper Platform Golden Platform Lunar Base Platform Modern Platform
Mossy Platform Sample.png Outpost Platform Sample.png Pressurised Platform Sample.png Protectorate Platform Sample.png Ruins Platform Sample.png Ship Platform Sample.png
Mossy Platform Outpost Platform Pressurised Platform Protectorate Platform Ruins Platform Ship Platform
Silver Platform Sample.png Steel Platform Sample.png Stone Platform Sample.png Temple Platform Sample.png Wood Platform Sample.png Wooden Platform Sample.png
Silver Platorm Steel Platform Stone Platform Temple Platform Wood Platform Wooden Platform
Wooden Platform Sample.png Wrecked Platform Sample.png Rusty Rail Sample.png Composite Rail Sample.png
Wrecked Platform Rusty Rail Composite Rail