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Anxious is one of 14 personality types which an NPC can have. NPCs with this personality type are not comfortable around others, and they will refuse to interact with objects which can fit multiple NPCs at once.

Special Reactions

Anxious NPCs gain the following reactions (see Personality for the defaults which are overridden by this personality's reactions):

  • Near NPC: Neutral, Flee or Panic
  • Near Player: Neutral, Flee or Panic
  • Cry: Neutral (~42.9%), Blank Stare (~42.9%) or Panic (~14.3%)
  • Love: Vomit or Panic
  • Wink: Vomit or Panic
  • Videogame Complete: Jump for Joy
  • Default: Neutral (~10.3%), Oh (~10.3%), Vomit (~3.4%), Go Home (~31.0%), Neutral (~10.3%), Blank Stare (~31.0%), Panic (~3.4%)

In addition, Anxious NPCs can use any of the reactions associated with the Love, Wink, Cry, or Default triggers after any other reaction.

Special Status Messages

In addition to generic status messages, Anxious NPCs may decide to use the following status messages:

Anxious Status Messages

  • Feeling unsure of themselves
  • Worried
  • Feels like the walls are closing in
  • Feels a panic attack coming on
  • Worrying that they might have undiagnosed illnesses
  • Wants to avoid social interaction for a while
  • Wondering just how fast they can run
  • Wishes they were invisible
  • Afraid of the end of the world
  • Feels nervous
  • Nervous wreck
  • Second guessing their taste in music
  • Trembling
  • Doesn't feel cut out for this
  • Lacking confidence
  • Isn't sure these clothes are cool after all
  • Feeling more comfortable in front of a computer
  • Feeling socially awkward
  • Feeling unattractive
  • Creating awkward silences
  • Sweating uncontrollably
  • Speaking before they think
  • Finding conversation difficult
  • Hiccuping at inappropriate times
  • Feeling an intense sense of pressure
  • Sensing dread
  • Compulsively nail biting
  • Nervously giggling
  • Just wants to be at home
  • Considering therapy
  • Keeps snorting