Beautiful Attempt! Sakura Shrine Maiden Hearts+

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The New Game screen

Beautiful Attempt! Sakura Shrine Maiden Hearts+ is a visual novel minigame that can be played in an abandoned Hylotl Space Encounter. It tells the story of a nameless Hylotl protagonist and Air Hockey enthusiast, who accidentally travels back in time to witness the preparation for the grand opening ceremony of the Grand Pagoda Library. You can play the Minigame when you find the Beautiful Attempt! Machine in a Space Encounter.


The story begins with the protagonist going to play air hockey, only to unexpectedly travel back in time. He then attempts to court Kasumi, the shrine maiden preparing the opening ceremony. He helps her with several tasks, only to start being pulled back to his own time. He makes a last ditch attempt to make her love him, before returning to his own time and the story's end.

There are 2 different endings in Beautiful Attempt!, affected by how romantically the player acts. Complementing Kasumi, for instance, makes it more likely for the player to get the good ending, while rambling about air hockey makes it less likely. This is controlled by a hidden "romance" score, which needs to be high enough for the player to get the correct ending, although it hardly affects any dialogue beforehand. There is also a hidden "hockey" score, which allows you to get a secret dialogue option - unfortunately, this only makes you much more likely to get the bad ending.

In the good ending, the protagonist finds an envelope containing Kasumi's ceremonial painting of an, uh, duck, apparently. In the bad ending, they don't receive anything, and resign to playing air hockey for the rest of their life.