Grand Pagoda Library

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The Grand Pagoda Library is the Hylotl themed mission, possessing a Difficulty Tier of 4. It takes the player through the ruins of a sunken underwater library.

The library appears slightly ruined as some areas have flooded rooms, large piles of books, and leaning bookshelves. The player is guided through by a hologram of the young Hylotl scholar Koichi. As they travel deeper into the library there are hostile Occasus cultists. At the end of the mission, the player will come across the Occasus founder and leader, Asra Nox, and fight her in a duel (see below). If the player wins, they will proceed to take the Hylotl artifact, the Mirror of Wisdom, as well meet as the Hylotl behind the hologram, Koichi, face-to-face. The player will add the Mirror to the Ark and recruit Koichi to Esther’s Cause.

Guaranteed Treasure

Boss Encounter

The mission's boss is Occasus cult leader Asra Nox. She has an easily memorable attack pattern, but that does not stop her from being a challenge to even experienced players. See the Asra Nox article for a full breakdown of her attacks/phases.

Generic Container Treasure

Generic Container Treasure Quantity Weight Chance
Empty 0.5 50%
Mission Treasure 1 0.3 30%
Mission Treasure 2 0.1 10%
Mission Treasure 3 0.05 5%
Mission Treasure 4 0.05 5%
Total Weight 1.0
Special No Du plicate Rewards
Mission Treasure Quantity Weight Chance
Basic Treasure 1 0.3 30%
10 0.1 10%
10 0.1 10%
10 0.1 10%
1 0.1 10%
1 0.1 10%
1 0.05 5%
1 0.05 5%
1 0.05 5%
1 0.05 5%
Total Weight 1.0

After-Boss Chest

After-Boss Treasure Quantity Weight Chance
1 Always Appears
Random Rewards 5 0.5 50%
Random Rewards 6 0.5 50%
Total Weight 1.0
Random Rewards Quantity Weight Chance
1 0.1 10%
20 0.1 10%
1 0.2 20%
1000 0.1 10%
Uncommon Gun 1 0.1 10%
1 0.15 15%
Uncommon Melee 1 0.15 15%
Shield 1 0.1 10%
Total Weight 1.0


The codices Ironbeak's Journal, The Slibbler, Freedom, Miniknog Issued Joke Book, and Never Invite a Novakid to Tea are all fan entries that won the "Take a Look, it's in a Book" contest. With exception of Never Invite a Novakid to Tea (which can be found in Novakid towns), they are all mission exclusive, alongside the mission related codices.

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