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Capture Pod
Throwable Item
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Throw it at a monster to forcefully capture it and bring it to a new home.


Capture Pods are crafted at the Pet Station. They can be used to capture monsters if the pod hits them when thrown. Monsters must first be weakened before capture.

Pods are thrown in the same manner as the Little Red Ball. If you miss a target, the pod falls to the ground and can be picked up; if the creature is caught, the pod's light changes from blue to red and you can then pick up the filled pod. This filled pod can then be thrown to release the creature wherever it lands.

After capture the pod will display the creature contained inside.

For a list of creatures that can be captured, see the unique monsters list. However, this list does not include some named pets that can be captured, like the dog, Rex.

Critters and farm animals cannot be captured using capture pods.

Retrieving Pets

You can de-summon an active pet by selecting its capture pod and clicking to retrieve it. It will return to its pod.

Capture Pod pet mechanics

  • A pet's Attack and Defense are determined by its owner's (whoever used the pet) own Attack and Defense. If a player has a Defense of 70 (shown as a shield on the inventory screen), then any pet they release will have a defense of 70. If the owner has a defense of 0, the pet has a defense of 0.
  • A pet has a base attack and then its total attack, which is affected by the owner's attack. For example, the Gleap has a base attack of 8. If it's owner has an attack modifier of 300% (shown next to a sword on the inventory screen), the Gleap will have an attack of 3 times it's base attack, or 24 in this case.
    • If the owner takes off or puts on armor while a pet is out, the pet's stats will change accordingly shortly after the player makes the change.
  • A unique (pre-made) pet's base stats is not changed depending on the tier of the planet it is caught on. A Poptop caught on a Garden (tier 1) planet will have the same base stats as one caught from a Jungle (tier 4) planet, for example.
    • As for procedurally generated monsters, their base attack usually ranges from 10-15.
  • A pet does not seem to become stronger from battling.

Fainted Pets

A pet that has fainted must be revived at a Pet Healing Station. The capture pod's red light will be off and the pod will make a clicking noise when you try to summon the pet. If your ship has a Medic, the permanent regeneration factor will apply to your pets as long as they are not fainted.

Non-active Pets

You can only keep one pet with you at a time. To keep other pets outside their capture pods, you must use a Pet Tether, which is also crafted at the Pet Station. Moving a capture pod into an inventory item such as chests or lockers will forcibly de-summon the pet.

Locations & Crafting

Capture Pods are crafted at the Pet Station, which is craftable by the final upgrade to the Inventor's Table. The pods are also common prizes at the completion of the storyline mission quests, located at the chest before the exit teleporter.


  • Glad Giraffe: Can now only be used to capture critters, changed name from 'Capture Pod' to 'Critter Capture Pod'
  • Cheerful Giraffe: Now captures all monsters once again, reworked into the new pet system and UI, changed name from 'Critter Capture Pod' to 'Capture Pod'


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem capturepod
File Name capturepod.thrownitem
File Path assets\items\throwables