Little Red Ball

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Little Red Ball
Throwable Item
Little Red Ball.png

I'd bet my pet would love playing with this.

Little Red Ball is a throwable toy you can buy at the Outpost from Terramart for 100 pixels, it doesn't hurt players or monsters when striking them.

Pets will chase the ball after it is thrown, making it a useful tool in getting them out of the way.

Unique Properties

When the ball stops moving after being thrown, it also becomes an entity that can get hurt and activate sensors such as Proximity Scanners and Fingerprint Scanners. Defense Turrets also shoot at the ball in this form.

As an entity, it has 95 health and can only be hurt from liquids. In liquids it will float to the surface before coming to rest and taking damage. It will "die" on the 32nd damage tick from Poison and the 3rd damage tick from Lava. After "dying" it will return to item form and sink to the bottom.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem petball
File Name petball.thrownitem
File Path assets\items\throwables