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Careful! These bugs have a deadly sting.

Bug Hive is a throwable weapon that releases clouds of bees which cause damage to players and monsters, but do not destroy blocks.

Bug Hives have a complicated behavior compared to most throwable items. The initial bug hive, just after being thrown, is inert. However, once this bug hive touches a hostile entity, times out or is otherwise forced to "detonate", it releases 5 bursts of bees at a rate of 1 burst every 0.5 seconds, shrinking in size each time it releases a burst until it completely disappears on the fifth burst. Each burst consists of 8 clouds of bees which last for 1 second and can bounce up to 4 times before being prematurely destroyed on the fifth bounce. After each of the first four bursts, the bug hive is technically a different projectile, allowing it to deal additional contact damage to enemies between bursts. All projectiles after the initial bug hive pierce through all entities, and all projectiles including the initial bug hive have a base power of 1.5. Theoretically, a Bug Hive could inflict damage 45 times to the same enemy, producing a maximum base damage per hive of 67.5.

There is a 1.5-second delay between consecutive Bug Hive throws with the same hand, producing a maximum base one-handed DPS of 45.

Be cautious as to where you use this item, as it is capable of dealing damage to friendly NPCs. Any NPCs that take damage from friendly-fire will automatically regard you as a hostile enemy regardless of how many items you have stolen. This item is also capable of frightening your own Tenants, causing unarmed tenants to panic and flee while any guards in the near vicinity will turn on you, even if you are their landlord. This makes it possible to attack your own tenants in the same way you can attack friendly NPCs when they alert nearby guards, but they will respawn with normal behavior once killed. Crew members also receive friendly-fire from this item, but unlike tenant guards, they will not attack their captain.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem hivebomb
File Name hivebomb.thrownitem
File Path assets\items\throwables