Floran Hunting Grounds

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An entrance to a Hunting Grounds dungeon.
Floran Hunting Grounds is a Floran themed dungeon made up of an overgrown structure, mostly underground and patrolled by hostile Floran guards. It has significantly more light than a canyon dungeon, and has more structure and windows inside. The entrance is identifiable by a large guarded superstructure with a Large Floran Statue near the tunnel to the dungeon below.

These dungeons can be found on any planet type except moons, liquid, barren or garden planets. They are most likely to appear on forest planets.

The code for the /placedungeon command is floranhuntinggrounds, with the usual warning of its dangers.

Unique Treasure

Basic treasure can be found in most containers while valuable treasure is in themed chests.

Basic Treasure
Valuable Treasure

Lore Books



If enough tagged dungeon objects are placed together with a Colony Deed a unique Floran guard can be summoned. These guards resemble the hunters inside the Ceremonial Hunting Caverns.

See the floranhuntinggrounds tag detail page for a complete listing of tagged objects.

Name Type (lvl) Race Dungeon Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Floran Hunter Tenant.png
Floran Sniper Guard (1) Floran Floran Hunting Grounds Floranhuntinggrounds (24) Villager 15 to 30 minutes


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Arrow Etched Rocks Icon.png Arrow Etched Rocks Decorative 70 Very helpful rocks. Or could the arrow be a trick?
Bone Carving Icon.png Bone Carving Decorative 90 There are barbaric Floran tales etched into the bone.
Bones on a Pike Icon.png Bones on a Pike Decorative 60 Some bones on a pike. How morbid.
Champion's Spear Display Icon.png Champion's Spear Display Decorative 400 A display commemorating the spear of a Floran who won a hunting ceremony.
Crooked Pike Railing Icon.png Crooked Pike Railing Decorative 50 A railing made of pikes tied together.
Cross Mounted Skull Icon.png Cross Mounted Skull Decorative 50 A skull mounted as a trophy on crossed wood planks.
Crude Bench Icon.png Crude Bench Furniture 85 A crudely made bench. It's had a lot of use during Floran hunts.
Empty Plaque Icon.png Empty Plaque Decorative 40 An empty plaque. What belongs here?
Empty Weapon Rack Icon.png Empty Weapon Rack Decorative 60 A Floran weapon rack. All of the weapons are missing.
Floran Champion Statue Icon.png Floran Champion Statue Decorative 300 A statue of a Floran. It looks like a great hunter.
Floran Statue Icon.png Floran Statue Decorative 80 A statue of a Floran holding a spear menacingly.
Hunting Weapon Rack Icon.png Hunting Weapon Rack Decorative 80 A Floran weapon rack. Unsurprisingly, many of the weapons are gone.
Ixoling Pike Icon.png Ixoling Pike Decorative 300 A small insectile creature impaled on a hunting pike.
Large Floran Statue Icon.png Large Floran Statue Decorative 250 A statue of a Floran. It looks like a great hunter.
Large Primitive Chest Icon.png Large Primitive Chest Storage 90 A long chest, made from sticks. Its security is questionable.
Large Sharp Sticks Icon.png Large Sharp Sticks Trap 90 Sharp, spiky sticks. Don't fall on them.
Large Snowy Pelt Icon.png Large Snowy Pelt Decorative 160 The pelt of a large, snow dwelling animal.
Large Vine Lights Icon.png Large Vine Lights Light Source 90 A light made of vines. Or a vine made of lights?
Leaf Bundle Icon.png Leaf Bundle Decorative 70 A bundle of unusually large leaves.
Mossy Packed Dirt Icon.png Mossy Packed Dirt Block 0 Packed dirt, covered in moss.
Penguin Bones Pike Icon.png Penguin Bones Pike Decorative 50 Penguin bones on a pike arranged decoratively.
Plant Matter Icon.png Plant Matter Block 0 A block made of packed plant matter.
Primitive Crate Icon.png Primitive Crate Storage 75 A storage crate made of unrefined wood and bone.
Raised Platform Icon.png Raised Platform Furniture 110 A raised platform. Don't get stuck under it.
Ramped Platform Icon.png Ramped Platform Furniture 115 A raised platform. Don't get stuck under it.
Rock Bricks Icon.png Rock Bricks Block 0 A crudely produced set of rock bricks.
Round Mounted Skull Icon.png Round Mounted Skull Decorative 50 A head mounted on a round plaque. Its eyes follow you...
Shield Mounted Skull Icon.png Shield Mounted Skull Decorative 50 A finely carved plaque with a skull on display.
Skull on a Pike Icon.png Skull on a Pike Decorative 50 A skull on a pike. A Floran favourite.
Small Sharp Sticks Icon.png Small Sharp Sticks Trap 80 Sharp, spiky sticks. Don't fall on them.
Small Vine Lights Icon.png Small Vine Lights Light Source 75 A light made of vines. Or a vine made of lights?
Spear on a Plaque Icon.png Spear on a Plaque Decorative 60 A Floran spear mounted on a decorative plaque.
Spinneret Trophy Icon.png Spinneret Trophy Decorative 350 This trophy is a spinneret from some large, web spinning creature.
Sturdy Torch Stand Icon.png Sturdy Torch Stand Light Source 85 A standing torch. Illuminates the giant beast about to eat you.
Tall Wooden Torch Icon.png Tall Wooden Torch Light Source 30 A large flickering torch warms the air around it.
Vine Pod Light Icon.png Vine Pod Light Light Source 75 A large, luminous pod hanigng from a vine.
Vine Wall Light Icon.png Vine Wall Light Light Source 75 The pod emits a natural green light.
Web Rack Icon.png Web Rack Decorative 200 This trophy rack is covered in a foul web.
Wicker Icon.png Wicker Block 0 A roughly woven wicker material.