Floran Hut Village

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A Floran Hut Village dwelling.
Floran Hut Villages are a Floran themed village made up of a number of small, partially underground huts. The dwellings are similar to those found in a Floran Treetop Village, except they're all buried underground.

These dungeons can be found on any planet type aside from moons, any ocean worlds (including magma, arctic, and toxic), or garden planets. They are most likely to appear on forest planets over any other planet type.

The ID used by the /placedungeon command is 'floranhutvillage' (Warning: placing a dungeon may cause some objects to disappear and animals will also appear within the dungeon)

Unique Treasure

Basic treasure can be found in most containers while valuable treasure is in themed chests. Valuable treasure chests also contain Alien Steaks and at higher rates.

Basic Treasure
Valuable Treasure

Lore Books



Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Bone Carving Icon.png Bone Carving Decorative 90 There are barbaric Floran tales etched into the bone.
Bone Rack Icon.png Bone Rack Decorative 70 A rack of 3 unidentified bones.
Bones on a Pike Icon.png Bones on a Pike Decorative 60 Some bones on a pike. How morbid.
Broken Wooden Cage Icon.png Broken Wooden Cage Decorative 90 A broken cage. What could have escaped?
Cactus Pot Icon.png Cactus Pot Decorative 50 An exotic-looking cactus in a flower pot.
Champion's Spear Display Icon.png Champion's Spear Display Decorative 400 A display commemorating the spear of a Floran who won a hunting ceremony.
Covered Plant Bedroll Icon.png Covered Plant Bedroll Furniture 105 A Floran prisoner bedroll covered with a blanket.
Crude Bench Icon.png Crude Bench Furniture 85 A crudely made bench. It's had a lot of use during Floran hunts.
Empty Weapon Rack Icon.png Empty Weapon Rack Decorative 60 A Floran weapon rack. All of the weapons are missing.
Floran Statue Icon.png Floran Statue Decorative 80 A statue of a Floran holding a spear menacingly.
Huge Primitive Cabinet Icon.png Huge Primitive Cabinet Storage 240 The cabinet made of leather stretched between four large tusks.
Hunting Weapon Rack Icon.png Hunting Weapon Rack Decorative 80 A Floran weapon rack. Unsurprisingly, many of the weapons are gone.
Large Bongo Icon.png Large Bongo Decorative 75 A bongo drum fashioned out of leather and wood.
Large Brown Pelt Icon.png Large Brown Pelt Decorative 160 A large pelt with thick, lustrous fur.
Large Floran Statue Icon.png Large Floran Statue Decorative 250 A statue of a Floran. It looks like a great hunter.
Large Primitive Table Icon.png Large Primitive Table Furniture 105 This entire table appears to have been carved from a single, enormous bone.
Leather Support Icon.png Leather Support Decorative 55 A piece of thin leather is stretched from the ceiling.
Long Black Pelt Icon.png Long Black Pelt Decorative 80 A ragged fur pelt, hung from two large tusks.
Medium Bongo Icon.png Medium Bongo Decorative 75 A bongo drum fashioned out of leather and wood.
Overgrown Chair Icon.png Overgrown Chair Furniture 75 A wooden chair overgrown with vines.
Plant Torch Icon.png Plant Torch Light Source 45 This torch is wrapped in a plant covering.
Primitive Armchair Icon.png Primitive Armchair Furniture 110 It's just an armchair made of bones. No big deal.
Primitive Bench Icon.png Primitive Bench Furniture 125 A bench made of wood and bones. Seems... inviting?
Primitive Chair Icon.png Primitive Chair Furniture 75 A simple wooden chair with bone accents.
Primitive Chandelier Icon.png Primitive Chandelier Light Source 105 Torches have been stuck to a sapling in lieu of a fancy chandelier.
Primitive Chart Art Icon.png Primitive Chart Art Decorative 50 It appears to be a tally chart.
Primitive Couch Icon.png Primitive Couch Furniture 150 A couch made of leather hide and large bones.
Primitive Countertop Icon.png Primitive Countertop Furniture 85 A cooking countertop used for chopping meat.
Primitive Crate Icon.png Primitive Crate Storage 75 A storage crate made of unrefined wood and bone.
Primitive Curtain Icon.png Primitive Curtain Decorative 60 A curtain, or a slab of half-dried, half-eaten meat. One of the two.
Primitive Door Icon.png Primitive Door Door 95 This door is hardly suitable for keeping the weather out.
Primitive Stool Icon.png Primitive Stool Furniture 55 A tiny stool carved from bone.
Primitive Stove Icon.png Primitive Stove Crafting Station 70 A very basic cooking pot suspended over a campfire.
Ramped Platform Icon.png Ramped Platform Furniture 115 A raised platform. Don't get stuck under it.
Retractable Wooden Gate Icon.png Retractable Wooden Gate Door 105 A retractable gate, made from a light wood.
Round Mounted Skull Icon.png Round Mounted Skull Decorative 50 A head mounted on a round plaque. Its eyes follow you...
Short Primitive Table Icon.png Short Primitive Table Furniture 70 A table made from many small bones.
Skull on a Pike Icon.png Skull on a Pike Decorative 50 A skull on a pike. A Floran favourite.
Small Black Pelt Icon.png Small Black Pelt Decorative 70 This pelt serves as a Floran hunter's trophy.
Small Cabinet Icon.png Small Cabinet Storage 70 A small cabinet with a table top.
Small Primitive Cabinet Icon.png Small Primitive Cabinet Storage 100 A cabinet adorned with huge, sharp fangs.
Small Primitive Table Icon.png Small Primitive Table Furniture 70 A table fashioned out a small tree topped with a slab of wood.
Small Snowy Pelt Icon.png Small Snowy Pelt Decorative 70 The pelt of a small, snow dwelling animal.
Small Wooden Cage Icon.png Small Wooden Cage Decorative 80 A study small Floran prison cage made from wood.
Spear on a Plaque Icon.png Spear on a Plaque Decorative 60 A Floran spear mounted on a decorative plaque.
Sturdy Torch Stand Icon.png Sturdy Torch Stand Light Source 85 A standing torch. Illuminates the giant beast about to eat you.
Tall Wooden Torch Icon.png Tall Wooden Torch Light Source 30 A large flickering torch warms the air around it.
Thatch Icon.png Thatch Block 0 Traditional thatched roofing.
Tiny Bongo Icon.png Tiny Bongo Decorative 45 A bongo drum fashioned out of leather and wood.
Vine Door Icon.png Vine Door Door 95 A door made from interlocking vines.
Vine Pod Lamp Icon.png Vine Pod Lamp Light Source 105 A strange green light pod is hanging loosely from a curved wooden post.
Vine Pod Light Icon.png Vine Pod Light Light Source 75 A large, luminous pod hanigng from a vine.
Vine Wall Light Icon.png Vine Wall Light Light Source 75 The pod emits a natural green light.
Wheeled Bed Icon.png Wheeled Bed Furniture 140 A basic bedroll on a wheeled wooden frame.
White Flower Icon.png White Flower Decorative 50 A pretty white flower in a pot.
Wooden Gate Icon.png Wooden Gate Door 10 A crude wooden gate. Not very secure.