Old Sewer

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An entrance to an Old Sewer.
Old Sewer is an underground dungeon. It is made up of a series of tunnels made from mostly Heavy Stone Brick and Sewage Blocks and has toxic water which will poison the player on contact. It has a dirty, sewer-like aesthetic and is populated with a few unique creatures: The Po, Po Golems, and Oculobs. The entrance is a small waste building with a tunnel leading directly down to the dungeon below.

In early development of the game, the sewer was a Glitch dungeon that included several Glitch-specific codices. At some point during development of the 1.0 release, these codices were removed and the sewer effectively became a non-racial dungeon.

Sewers can appear on any planet type except moons, liquid, barren, or garden planets.

The code for the /placedungeon command is glitchsewer, with the usual warning of its dangers.

Unique Treasure

Basic treasure can appear in most containers while valuable treasure is in themed chests. There is no unique basic treasure in this dungeon.

Basic Treasure
Valuable Treasure

Lore Books



Po Golem
Po Golem.png
The Po
The Po.png


If enough tagged dungeon objects are placed together with a Colony Deed a unique sewer worker villager can be summoned.

See the glitchsewer tag detail page for a complete listing of tagged objects.

Name Type (lvl) Race Dungeon Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Glitch Sewer Tenant.png
Sewer Worker Villager Glitch Old Sewer Glitchsewer (24) Villager 15 to 30 minutes


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Gear Icon.png Gear Decorative 45 A gear. Part of a well-oiled machine. Actually, it's a bit rusty.
Heavy Stone Brick Icon.png Heavy Stone Brick Block 0 Strong stone slabs, perfect for building a castle.
Metal Bars Icon.png Metal Bars Block 0 Closely spaced thick metal bars.
Outhouse Icon.png Outhouse Furniture 125 An outhouse! Enjoy!
Poison Icon.png Poison Liquid A measure of strong poison.
Poop Icon.png Poop Decorative 0 A revolting pile of poop. The stench is foul!
Raw Sewage Icon.png Raw Sewage Block 0 A disgusting pile of sewage. Lovely.
Sewage Barrel Icon.png Sewage Barrel Decorative 55 A barrel of sewage. Almost certainly toxic.
Sewer Flood Door Icon.png Sewer Flood Door Door 125 A cheaply made flood door.
Sewer Gauge Icon.png Sewer Gauge Decorative 70 A sewer gauge. Nobody knows what the gauge illustrates.
Sewer Pipe Icon.png Sewer Pipe Block 0 A sewer pipe used for transporting waste.
Sewer Tank Icon.png Sewer Tank Decorative 140 A tank filled with an unknown substance. Probably very lethal.
Sewer Valve Icon.png Sewer Valve Wire 90 A sewer valve. It's had a funny turn.
Sewer Wall Grate Icon.png Sewer Wall Grate Decorative 150 A wall grate. Great.
Small Stone Brick Icon.png Small Stone Brick Block 0 Small stone slabs, perfect for the finer details.
Toxic Waste Barrel Icon.png Toxic Waste Barrel Breakable 55 A toxic waste barrel. Don't spill any!
Trash Bag Icon.png Trash Bag Storage 50 A trash bag. What a load of rubbish.
Trash Can (Glitch) Icon.png Trash Can (Glitch) Storage 60 A trash can. What a load of rubbish.
Wall Pipe Icon.png Wall Pipe Decorative 70 A sewer pipe.
Wooden Warning Sign Icon.png Wooden Warning Sign Decorative 50 An ominous warning sign.