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Toxic Planet.png
Threat: Dangerous (Tier 4) Weather
Star types: Radioactive, Frozen, Fiery Acidrain.pngClear.png
EPP Required: Status Radioactive.png Radiation EPP Upgrade
Mini Biomes: None
Secondary Biomes: None
Toxic Planet Surface.png
The surface of a toxic ocean.
Toxic is a primary biome type characterized by a vast expanse of poison ocean with small scattered islands made of mud, raw sewage and waste. Traversing the surface is best done with boats rather than swimming because coming in contact with the poison will apply poisoned to the player. This can be counteracted using antidote. The ocean floor is covered with plant life, pipes and glowing waste. Toxic planets are a 'dangerous' threat level, geared toward tier 4 in progression.

Toxic planets can be found orbiting radioactive (yellow), frozen (blue) and fiery (red) star types. Unless players have a Radiation EPP Upgrade equipped they'll perpetually take damage from deadly radiation while on the planet.

The poison ocean found on toxic planets is infinite, and cannot be drained. All air below surface level is replaced with poison. To build underwater and not have poison spawn inside your structure, you must replace the background and foreground with blocks, then remove the foreground blocks and poison will stop spawning.

Agrobats, Crutters, Miasmop, Oculobs, Pteropods, Snagglers, Snaunts, and Squeems all have a chance of being found in toxic biomes.

Toxic planets have no corresponding terraformer.

Navigation Console

  • This planet is toxic - the air is putrefied and the oceans are poisonous. Radiation exceeds safe levels by a factor of thousands.
  • This highly radioactive planet is a poisonous wilderness inhabited by irradiated lifeforms. It's luminescent surface is toxic. An uninviting destination.
  • This is a toxic planet replete with radiation. The noxious oceans are lethally poisonous... May I remind you that other destinations are available.


The surface layer of toxic planets is primarily made up of poison ocean with small scattered islands made from mud, raw sewage, rusty blocks and waste. Commonly these islands have trees which can be harvested for a plant fibre and toxic waste.

Toxic planets are mostly covered in poison which spawns endlessly. There's no way to gather all of the poison found in toxic oceans.

Ores can be found on surface islands, with of copper, silver ore, gold, titanium and durasteel available in small quantities. Most ore is accessible beneath the poison ocean floor.

Primary material Sub materials Geological materials

Music Tracks

Toxic surface biomes use their own sets of music tracks for day and night.

  • Forsaken Grotto
  • Lava Exploration 1
  • Lava Exploration 2
  • Drosera
  • Crystal Exploration 1
  • Inviolate (Loop)
  • Body Electric (Loop)
  • Europa
  • Crystal Exploration 2
  • Forsaken Grotto (yes, it's supposed to appear twice)
  • Arctic Constellation 1
  • Arctic Constellation 2
  • Mira
  • The Deep
  • Tranquility Base
  • Accretion Disc
  • Nomads
  • Forsaken Grotto
  • Mercury
  • Procyon

Toxic ocean floor biomes use the Day Tracks plus both Arctic Exploration tracks during the day and the Night Tracks during the night.

  • Epsilon Indi
  • Hymn to the Stars
  • Procyon
  • StellarFormation
  • Vast Immortal Suns
  • Atlas
  • Blue Straggler
  • Cygnus X1
  • Europa
  • Arctic Exploration 1
  • Arctic Exploration 2
  • Haiku
  • M54
  • On the Beach at Night
  • Jupiter
  • Arctic Constellation 1
  • Arctic Constellation 2
  • Mercury
  • Mira
  • Procyon
  • Tranquility Base
  • Psyche
  • Accretion Disc
  • Cygnus X1
  • Eridanus Supervoid
  • Horsehead Nebula
  • Large Magellanic Cloud
  • M54
  • Nomads
  • On the Beach at Night

Sub Biomes

Toxic planets do not have any sub biomes which appear, and toxic oceans do not appear as a sub biome on any other planet types.

Mini Biomes

There are no mini-biomes found on the surface or underwater in toxic biomes.


Toxic planets deviate somewhat from planetary standards due to being ocean-type planets.

  • Space: Asteroids
  • Atmosphere: Atmosphere
  • Surface: Toxic (Primary Biome)
    • Note: For ocean-type planets, the surface layer begins at y=1050 and the ocean surface is at y=1150 regardless of planet size.
  • Subsurface: Toxic Ocean Floor
  • Shallow Underground: Tarpit, Mushrooms, Wilderness, Mini Village, Underground 0a, Underground 0b, Underground 1a, or Underground 1b
  • Mid Underground: Luminous Caves, Stone Caves, Bone Caves, Ice Caves, Underground 0c, Underground 1c, Underground 1d, Underground 3a, Underground 3b, Underground 3c, or Underground 3d
  • Deep Underground: Cell Caves, Flesh Caves, Slime Caves, Underground 0d, Underground 5a, Underground 5b, Underground 5c, or Underground 5d
  • Core: Blaststone Core Layer, Magmarock Core Layer, or Obsidian Core Layer


Weather in toxic biomes is either acid rain or clear. Weather happens for each planet based on the weights given to the weather types (probability is calculated by dividing a single weight by the sum of all weights); the probability for weather types on toxic planets is as follows:

Acidrain.png Acid Rain 0.6 (60%)
Clear.png Clear 0.4 (40%)

Wild Crops

There are only two harvestable crops found on toxic planets: Toxictop and Kelp. Toxictops can be harvested by interacting with them or by digging them up, but Kelp must be felled like a tree before it can be collected. Toxictop plants drop toxictop and have a chance to drop a seed which can be replanted. Toxictop is found only on the islands in the poison ocean while kelp is found only on the floor of the poison ocean.

The trees on toxic planets can be harvested for plant fibre and toxic waste, but do not drop seedlings so they cannot be replanted. Unlike Kelp on Ocean planets, Kelp on toxic planets drops saplings which can be planted to grow more kelp.


In addition to procedurally generated creatures, there are a variety of unique monsters, bugs and critters found in toxic biomes. Some of these are also found in other biomes, while others are unique only to toxic biomes. While these unique creatures have a chance to appear on toxic planets, they will not all appear on each one. In addition to unique creatures, each biome has multiple types of both procedural ground and flying creatures.

Unique monsters each have combat attacks, and they must first be weakened before capture. Once weakened players can attempt to capture using a capture pod. If successful they can then be released to battle alongside and follow the player.

Critters are smaller non-combat unique creatures which are not capturable using capture pods. They can be captured without weakening them first by using a relocator gun. After releasing a critter from the relocator it will stay in the area it was released into.

Bugs are very small unique creatures which can be captured using a bug net, and are then stored inside placeable jars. Bugs which are captured using a relocator will fly after release instead of being kept inside a jar.

Unique Monsters
Hazmat Scab
Toxic Crab.gif
Toxic Crab
Poison Fish.gif
Poison Fish
Skelly Fish.gif
Skelly Fish
Puffer Fish.gif
Puffer Fish


There are a number of fish which can only be caught on toxic planets using a Durable Fishing Rod. These fish won't be seen swimming in the wild without a fishing lure to attract them. A basic fishing rod will not work on toxic planets.

Catching each of these fish will complete their entries in the fishing collection screen.

# Image Name Size Rarity Biome Description Behavior Depth Time
Barbed Redeye.png
Barbed Redeye Medium Common Toxic Its creepy red eyes unnerve anyone who unexpectedly meets it underwater. Approach Shallow All
Spotted Gulptredder.png
Spotted Gulptredder Medium Common Toxic It can somehow swallow 10 times its body mass. Approach All All
Irradiated Globfish.png
Irradiated Globfish Medium Common Toxic Its body contains no flesh - it's entirely composed of an organic slime. Lurk All All
Silkpig Small Uncommon Toxic Their strange, silky texture and squealing mating cries make them highly sought after as pets. Approach All Day
Mortilus Medium Uncommon Toxic This cephalopod's tendrils are coated with a deadly toxin that can paralyse even a fully grown Poptop. Approach Deep Night
Nosy Scoutier.png
Nosy Scoutier Medium Uncommon Toxic It can smell prey approaching from a mile away, but it's also too slow to react. Lurk All Day
Night Clawnacle.png
Night Clawnacle Small Uncommon Toxic The skin on its mushroom-like body changes colour when it's threatened. Approach Shallow Night
Silver Curloach.png
Silver Curloach Medium Rare Toxic Its body curls up throughout its life, until it is too rolled up to even swim. Approach All Day
Blighteel Medium Rare Toxic It has no eyes, so it prefers hunting at night when prey can't see it coming. Approach Deep Night
Crimson Fantail.png
Crimson Fantail Large Rare Toxic This echinoderm uses curious pink limbs to disguise itself as a decorated fish-like creature. Approach Shallow Day
Brown Chordopod.png
Brown Chordopod Large Rare Toxic Its stomach is constantly overflowing with venomous liquids. It can barely hold on to it. Approach All Night
Dark Gembrane.png
Dark Gembrane Large Legendary Toxic Most of its body is brain matter, protected only by a thick frontal shell. Approach Deep All

Unique Drops

There are a variety of items which are specific to chests found in toxic biomes. Some of these may have a chance of being found in other places throughout the universe, but they've all been specifically allocated to toxic chests within toxic biomes.

Costume Armor
Mutant Set
Mutant Set.png
Hazmat Set
Hazmat Set.png

Toxic Tagged Objects

Furniture crafted from toxic blueprints is tagged with the object tag toxic. There are no tenants associated with the toxic object tag.

Expand to see a full list of tagged objects.

Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Toxic Chair Icon.png Toxic Chair furniture 8 A chair made of vines. Those spikes look poisonous. toxicnature
Toxic Chest Icon.png Toxic Chest storage 4 A toxic chest. toxicoddevilstorage
Toxic Lamp Icon.png Toxic Lamp light 9 A flower that functions as a lamp. Like a sunflower, but not. toxicnaturelight
Hanging Toxic Lamp Icon.png Hanging Toxic Lamp light 8 A flower that functions as a lamp. Like a sunflower, but not. toxicnaturelight
Toxic Table Icon.png Toxic Table furniture 7 A thorny table. Careful where you put your feet. toxicnaturecommerce


The toxic biome parallax shows ruins of old structures, none of which remain. There are no villages or dungeons found on toxic planets - they're too harsh to support any type of settlements.

None None



Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Bunker Vent Icon.png Bunker Vent Decorative 90 Sterile, recycled air whirs through the fanblades at a steady pace.
Decorative Support Beam Icon.png Decorative Support Beam Decorative 60 A decorative gothic corner.
Explosive Barrel Icon.png Explosive Barrel Decorative 55 An explosive metal barrel. It looks dangerous.
Girder Icon.png Girder Block 0 A strong looking metal girder.
Gothic Arch Icon.png Gothic Arch Decorative 100 An ornate gothic arch.
Heavy Iron Bars Icon.png Heavy Iron Bars Block 0 Thick iron bars. Still strong, though decaying with rust.
Heavy Pipe Icon.png Heavy Pipe Block 0 A heavy pipe, commonly used in waste systems.
Iron Block Icon.png Iron Block Block 0 A solid iron block.
Metal Crate Icon.png Metal Crate Storage 75 A metal crate.
Metal Support Beam Icon.png Metal Support Beam Decorative 60 A support beam painted with cautionary stripes. Mind your head!
Mining Railing Icon.png Mining Railing Decorative 50 A metal fence with red and black warning stripes.
Modern Platform Icon.png Modern Platform Platform 0 Made from a modern material, this platform is smooth to the touch.
Outpost Support Beam Icon.png Outpost Support Beam Block 0 A reinforced support beam.
Packed Bones Icon.png Packed Bones Block 0 A collection of bones tightly packed together.
Radioactive Barrel Icon.png Radioactive Barrel Breakable 55 A barrel full of radioactive material.
Sewer Pipe Icon.png Sewer Pipe Block 0 A sewer pipe used for transporting waste.
Short Chain-link Fence Icon.png Short Chain-link Fence Decorative 80 It's a chain-link fence.
Small Turbine Icon.png Small Turbine Decorative 55 It's a turbine. Y'know, for science.
Toxic Chest Icon.png Toxic Chest Storage 70 A toxic chest.
Toxic Waste Barrel Icon.png Toxic Waste Barrel Breakable 55 A toxic waste barrel. Don't spill any!
Tungsten Platform Icon.png Tungsten Platform Platform 0 Strong platforms made from tungsten.
Vertical Metal Grates Icon.png Vertical Metal Grates Decorative 55 Rusted metal grates meant for ventilation.
Vertical Rusted Girder Icon.png Vertical Rusted Girder Decorative 70 Rusty old girder beams - can't be too safe.
Wires Icon.png Wires Decorative 60 This is just an electrical fire waiting to happen.