Tar Mini Biome

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Tar Biome Banner.png

Tar is a surface minibiome that appears on Desert Planets. It is similar to the underground Tarpit biome.

Pockets of Tar biome can be created by a Tarry Microformer.

Biome Specific Objects

Primary Materials

Unique Drops


Unique Monsters



Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Bone Pile Icon.png Bone Pile Breakable 80 A pile of bones, prime for smashing.
Bone Pile (ribcage) Icon.png Bone Pile (ribcage) Breakable 80 A fully intact ribcage. Not for long.
Bone Pile (tall) Icon.png Bone Pile (tall) Breakable 80 A pile of bones, prime for smashing.
Campfire Icon.png Campfire Crafting Station 30 Embers dance away from the campfire, warming the air. The heat can be used for cooking.
Green Dome Tent Icon.png Green Dome Tent Furniture 65 A basic tent. Watch out for spacebears!
Ornate Wood Icon.png Ornate Wood Block 0 Expertly treated ornate wood.
Packed Bones Icon.png Packed Bones Block 0 A collection of bones tightly packed together.
Petal Block Icon.png Petal Block Block 0 Sweet smelling dark leaves and flowers.
Plant Matter Icon.png Plant Matter Block 0 A block made of packed plant matter.
Radioactive Barrel Icon.png Radioactive Barrel Breakable 55 A barrel full of radioactive material.
Sandstone Bed Icon.png Sandstone Bed Furniture 85 A sandstone bed. Make sure you dust it off before use.
Sandstone Door Icon.png Sandstone Door Door 60 A rough sandstone door.
Sandstone Torch Icon.png Sandstone Torch Light Source 35 This torch flickers softly.
Small Urn Icon.png Small Urn Breakable 30 A fragile small urn made from clay.
Tall Wooden Torch Icon.png Tall Wooden Torch Light Source 30 A large flickering torch warms the air around it.
Tarpit Chest Icon.png Tarpit Chest Storage 40 Tar fashioned into a chest.
Wooden Log Icon.png Wooden Log Block 0 A wooden log. Good for building simple structures.