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Steamspring Biome Banner.png

Steamspring is a surface mini-biome type that appears within Tundra and Snow Biomes. Pipes "trees" grow here. When felled they drop Copper Gear Blocks. It is notable that many procedurally generated structures here appear to be Western-style, and Novakid characters tend to speak of the native Steamspring furniture fondly.

Pockets of Steamspring biome can be created via use of a Steamy Microformer.

Biome Specific Objects

Primary Materials


Unique Monsters
Steam Spider.gif
Steam Spider
Steam Bird.gif
Steam Bird
Steam Fish.gif
Steam Fish



Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Boiler Valve Icon.png Boiler Valve Wire 115 A brass valve, rusted from years of use.
Bricks Icon.png Bricks Block 0 Small but perfectly formed bricks made from clay.
Copper Ceiling Light Icon.png Copper Ceiling Light Light Source 30 A hanging ceiling light made from copper.
Copper Crate Icon.png Copper Crate Storage 30 A strong storage crate made from copper.
Copper Gear Block Icon.png Copper Gear Block Block 0 This copper block has a distinct gear-like imprint.
Copper Oil Lantern Icon.png Copper Oil Lantern Light Source 20 An oil lantern made of copper.
Copper Roofing Icon.png Copper Roofing Block 0 Roofing tiles fashioned from copper.
Copper Window Icon.png Copper Window Block 0 A window with a frame made from solid copper.
Floor Gear Icon.png Floor Gear Decorative 85 A rusted gear half-buried in the ground.
Floor Pipe Icon.png Floor Pipe Decorative 145 A pipe that comes out from the floor.
Floor Pipe (2) Icon.png Floor Pipe (2) Decorative 160 A pipe that comes out from the floor.
Floor Pipe (3) Icon.png Floor Pipe (3) Decorative 110 A pipe that comes out from the floor.
Heavy Pipe Icon.png Heavy Pipe Block 0 A heavy pipe, commonly used in waste systems.
Large Steam Boiler Icon.png Large Steam Boiler Decorative 215 A huge painted boiler, for turning freezing water into steam.
Ornate Wood Icon.png Ornate Wood Block 0 Expertly treated ornate wood.
Paneled Door Icon.png Paneled Door Door 95 A manufactured paneled door.
Small Primitive Chest Icon.png Small Primitive Chest Storage 70 A small chest, made from sticks. Its security is questionable.
Small Steam Boiler Icon.png Small Steam Boiler Decorative 145 A small rusty boiler, for turning freezing water into steam.
Soft Brick Icon.png Soft Brick Block 0 Soft faded brick.
Steam Clock Face Icon.png Steam Clock Face Decorative 215 A nice steam powered large clock face.
Weathervane Icon.png Weathervane Decorative 55 Is that an Avian... or a chicken?