Snow Biome

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Snow Planet Thumb.png
Threat: Risky (Tier 3) Weather
Star types: Temperate, Radioactive, Frozen, Fiery Clear.pngSnow1.pngBlizzard.png
EPP Required: None
Mini Biomes: Alpine, Bioluminescence, Steamspring, Prism
Secondary Biomes: Garden, Forest
Snow Planet Surface.png

Snow is a planetary biome type. It's characterized by snow, trees and lower temperature. Not to be confused with the more dangerous Tundra planetary biome, which happens to have the same selection of minor biomes but a different selection of secondary biomes when it is the primary biome of a planet.

Snow biomes can be created and expanded using a Snowy Terraformer, and a planet will convert to a Snow planet once half of the planet's surface has been terraformed into Snow biome.

Snow planets can be found orbiting temperate (orange), radioactive (yellow) and frozen (blue) star types. They also have a rare chance of being found around fiery (red) stars as satellites of gas giants. There are no environmental hazards in Snow biomes which require use of an environmental protection pack. Natively-generated Snow planets have a Risky threat level and a planetary Tier of 3.

Navigation Console

  • The landing site is cold, but not perilously so. Snow covers the area and blizzards are a possibility. A hat and gloves may be advisable.
  • This chilly landing site is laden with snow. Sundry trees grow here and various animals also thrive in the cold conditions. An excellent place to make snowballs.
  • This location is relatively chill, and snow lies thickly on the ground. My sensors indicate that there are critters scampering through the soft blanket of white.


Primary material Sub materials Geological materials

Music Tracks

Snow biomes use the Day Tracks plus both Arctic Exploration tracks during the day and the Night Tracks during the night.

  • Epsilon Indi
  • Hymn to the Stars
  • Procyon
  • Stellar Formation
  • Vast Immortal Suns
  • Atlas
  • Blue Straggler
  • Cygnus X1
  • Europa
  • Arctic Exploration 1
  • Arctic Exploration 2
  • Haiku
  • M54
  • On the Beach at Night
  • Jupiter
  • Arctic Constellation 1
  • Arctic Constellation 2
  • Mercury
  • Mira
  • Procyon
  • Tranquility Base
  • Psyche
  • Accretion Disc
  • Cygnus X1
  • Eridanus Supervoid
  • Horsehead Nebula
  • Large Magellanic Cloud
  • M54
  • Nomads
  • On the Beach at Night


Snow planets stick to the standards for planetary layer composition.

  • Space: Asteroids
  • Atmosphere: Atmosphere
  • Surface: Snow (Primary Biome); Garden, Forest (Secondary Biomes)
  • Subsurface: Underground 0a, Underground 0b, Underground 1a, or Underground 1b
  • Shallow Underground: Tarpit, Mushrooms, Wilderness, Mini Village, Underground 0a, Underground 0b, Underground 1a, or Underground 1b
  • Mid Underground: Luminous Caves, Stone Caves, Bone Caves, Ice Caves, Underground 0c, Underground 1c, Underground 1d, Underground 3a, Underground 3b, Underground 3c, or Underground 3d
  • Deep Underground: Cell Caves, Flesh Caves, Slime Caves, Underground 0d, Underground 5a, Underground 5b, Underground 5c, or Underground 5d
  • Core: Blaststone Core Layer, Magmarock Core Layer, or Obsidian Core Layer


Weather in snow biomes is either snowy or clear.

The probability for weather types on snow planets is as follows:

Clear.png Clear 0.45 (50%)
Snow1.png Snow 0.4 (~44.4%)
Blizzard.png Snowstorm 0.05 (~5.6%)

Wild Crops


In addition to procedurally generated creatures, there are a variety of unique monsters, bugs and critters found in snow biomes. Some of these are also found in other biomes, while others are unique only to snow biomes. While these unique creatures have a chance to appear on snow planets, they will not all appear on each one. In addition to unique creatures, each biome has multiple types of both procedural ground and flying creatures.

Unique monsters each have combat attacks, and they must first be weakened before capture. Once weakened players can attempt to capture using a capture pod. If successful they can then be released to battle alongside and follow the player.

Critters are smaller non-combat unique creatures which are not capturable using capture pods. They can be captured without weakening them first by using a relocator gun. After releasing a critter from the relocator it will stay in the area it was released into.

Bugs are very small unique creatures which can be captured using a bug net, and are then stored inside placeable jars. Bugs which are captured using a relocator will fly after release instead of being kept inside a jar.

Unique Monsters
Red Breast.gif
Red Breast

Unique Drops

Treasure tends be found in Ice Chests in Microdungeons and Pod Chests elsewhere

Costume Armor
Snow Infantry Set
Snow Infantry Set.png


Snow infantry huts, along with other microdungeons may spawn here. Several of these other microdungeons have large diamond rocks and other ore rocks, making the Snow biome the best place to look for Diamonds.

Smaller planets usually contain only one dungeon or village, while larger planets can contain as many as three.




Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Bricks Icon.png Bricks Block 0 Small but perfectly formed bricks made from clay.
Cabin Roofing Icon.png Cabin Roofing Block 0 Simple roofing for a cabin.
Cheap Light Icon.png Cheap Light Light Source 60 A cheap fluorescent light.
Hazard Block Icon.png Hazard Block Block 0 This pattern suggests caution.
Hi-tech Block Icon.png Hi-tech Block Block 0 This looks hi-tech!
Ice Block Icon.png Ice Block Block 0 Solid ice, cut into block shape.
Iron Block Icon.png Iron Block Block 0 A solid iron block.
Iron Lantern Icon.png Iron Lantern Light Source 20 A handy oil lantern. Careful not to spill it.
Medieval Plate Icon.png Medieval Plate Decorative 30 A plate. It's gathering dust here.
Metal Bars Icon.png Metal Bars Block 0 Closely spaced thick metal bars.
Old Television Icon.png Old Television Decorative 55 A television! I don't think this has worked for a long time.
Ornate Wood Icon.png Ornate Wood Block 0 Expertly treated ornate wood.
Security Door Icon.png Security Door Door 125 This door is made of some sort of bulletproof material.
Timber Icon.png Timber Block 0 Wood that has been prepared for building and crafting.
Tungsten Platform Icon.png Tungsten Platform Platform 0 Strong platforms made from tungsten.
Wireless Generator Icon.png Wireless Generator Decorative 60 A wireless energy supply.
Wood Platform Icon.png Wood Platform Platform 0 A nondescript wood platform.
Wooden Ceiling Lamp Icon.png Wooden Ceiling Lamp Light Source 25 A homely ceiling lamp.
Wooden Chair Icon.png Wooden Chair Furniture 10 An uncomfortable-looking wooden chair.
Wooden Door Icon.png Wooden Door Door 15 A crude wooden door. Not very secure.
Wooden End Table Icon.png Wooden End Table Storage 85 A cute wooden end table.
Wooden Fence Icon.png Wooden Fence Block 0 A sturdy wooden fence.
Wooden Log Icon.png Wooden Log Block 0 A wooden log. Good for building simple structures.
Wooden Table Icon.png Wooden Table Furniture 15 A basic wooden table.
Wooden Window Icon.png Wooden Window Block 0 A window with wooden panes.
Wrecked Crate Icon.png Wrecked Crate Storage 75 A antique crate, I wonder what's inside..