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An Avian Tomb entrance.
Avian Tombs are an Avian themed dungeon made up of a series of dark underground chambers connected by tunnels. They are patrolled by hostile Avian guards and swarpions.[1]

It's recommended to bring a light source when exploring these tombs, they can be very dark inside. There are a number of traps and dangerous pits which players can trigger.

These dungeons can be found on any planet type aside from moons, any ocean worlds (including magma, arctic, and toxic), or garden planets. The entrance is often a large structure shaped like the head of a bird or like an old temple.

Avian tombs are most likely to appear on jungle planets over any other planet type.

The ID used by the /placedungeon command is 'aviantomb' (Warning: placing a dungeon may cause some objects to disappear and animals will also appear within the dungeon)


Basic treasure can be found in most containers while valuable treasure is in themed chests.

Basic Treasure
Valuable Treasure

Lore Books



If enough tagged dungeon objects are placed together with a Colony Deed a unique Avian priest villager tenant can be summoned.

See the aviantomb tag detail page for a complete listing of tagged objects.

Name Type (lvl) Race Dungeon Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Avian Tomb Tenant.png
Avian Priest Villager Avian Avian Tomb Aviantomb (24) Villager 15 to 30 minutes




Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Avian Bunny Statue Icon.png Avian Bunny Statue Decorative 100 A statue of a bunny.
Avian Emblem Icon.png Avian Emblem Decorative 180 I swear the eye is following me around the room..
Avian Head Altar Icon.png Avian Head Altar Decorative 60 A carved Avian head sits atop this altar.
Avian Hero Statue Icon.png Avian Hero Statue Decorative 110 A statue of a great Avian hero.
Avian Lamp Icon.png Avian Lamp Light Source 45 A beautiful lamp built from Avian crystal tech.
Avian Moon Emblem Icon.png Avian Moon Emblem Decorative 80 This emblem commemorates the Avians' first flight to the stars.
Avian Sarcophagus Icon.png Avian Sarcophagus Decorative 85 An expertly crafted Avian sarcophagus. I wonder what's inside.
Avian Spear Rack Icon.png Avian Spear Rack Decorative 70 The rack is filled with antique Avian spears.
Big Bird Jar Icon.png Big Bird Jar Breakable 55 A lavish bird-shaped jar. Maybe I can smash it...
Bunny Altar Icon.png Bunny Altar Decorative 60 A carved bunny sits on top of this altar.
Bunny Jar Icon.png Bunny Jar Breakable 50 A bunny-shaped jar full of ash. Maybe I can smash it.
Bunny Sarcophagus Icon.png Bunny Sarcophagus Decorative 100 Is it wrong to take your bunny to the afterlife with you?
Carved Door Icon.png Carved Door Door 95 A beautifully carved door.
Carved Flame Console Icon.png Carved Flame Console Wire 95 An access panel with a flame carved into its base.
Carved Support Beam Icon.png Carved Support Beam Decorative 80 A support beam carved to resemble a fearsome bird.
Crude Pot Icon.png Crude Pot Breakable 40 This looks like something I made in pottery class. Crude. I should smash it.
Crystal Torch Icon.png Crystal Torch Light Source 60 A crystal levitates above its frame, emitting an eerie light.
Dark Tomb Brick Icon.png Dark Tomb Brick Block 0 Dark and cold to the touch, these bricks seem to suck the heat from the room.
Decorative Alien Mask Icon.png Decorative Alien Mask Decorative 55 This mask looks angry.
Decorative Bird Mask Icon.png Decorative Bird Mask Decorative 55 A rather serious looking bird.
Decorative Chest Icon.png Decorative Chest Storage 70 A chest adorned with ancient Avian art.
Decorative Human Mask Icon.png Decorative Human Mask Decorative 55 This guy looks surprised to see me!
Decorative Priest Mask Icon.png Decorative Priest Mask Decorative 55 This mask looks like my ex-wife.
Decorative Skull Mask Icon.png Decorative Skull Mask Decorative 55 This guy looks hungry. His eyes make me uncomfortable.
Decorative Sun Icon.png Decorative Sun Decorative 80 Ironically, looking at this decorative sun sends a chill down my spine.
Decorative Wiseman Mask Icon.png Decorative Wiseman Mask Decorative 55 This guy seems... wise.
Embossed Tombstone Icon.png Embossed Tombstone Decorative 50 The words honour a fallen Avian.
Engraved Avian Tomb Icon.png Engraved Avian Tomb Storage 155 An engraved Avian tomb depicting the aether.
Engraved Tombstone Icon.png Engraved Tombstone Decorative 50 This tomb is anonymous, engraved with the image of its occupant.
Eye Tombstone Icon.png Eye Tombstone Decorative 50 This tombstone is engraved with an eye symbol
Familiar Jar Icon.png Familiar Jar Breakable 50 A familiar-shaped jar. It looks angry and smashable.
Fancy Avian Gong Icon.png Fancy Avian Gong Decorative 105 A big fancy gong. It's covered in carvings.
Golden Bird Jar Icon.png Golden Bird Jar Decorative 50 This beady-eyed bird jar is made of solid gold.
Golden Lamp Icon.png Golden Lamp Decorative 50 A sickly-sweet scent clings to the inside.
Golden Urn Icon.png Golden Urn Breakable 55 The ashes of Avian Stargazers are often stored in urns like this one.
Grand Avian Sarcophagus Icon.png Grand Avian Sarcophagus Decorative 100 An expertly crafted Avian sarcophagus. The feather suggests it was for someone important.
Grounded's Tombstone Icon.png Grounded's Tombstone Decorative 50 The skull on this tombstone shows that it belongs to one of the grounded.
Human Sarcophagus Icon.png Human Sarcophagus Decorative 85 Avians have been known to attempt to take human companions with them to the afterlife.
Human Sarcophagus (Alive) Icon.png Human Sarcophagus (Alive) Decorative 125 Avians have been known to attempt to take human companions with them to the afterlife. Wait a minute... I think I can hear something inside!
Iron Bar Door Icon.png Iron Bar Door Door 95 I wouldn't want to find myself locked behind these thick iron bars.
Kluex Gift Mural Icon.png Kluex Gift Mural Decorative 400 An ancient mural depicting the gifts given by Kluex to his followers.
Kluex Winged Statue Icon.png Kluex Winged Statue Decorative 500 A statue honouring the history of the Avian god Kluex.
Kluex World Mural Icon.png Kluex World Mural Decorative 550 An ancient mural of the god Kluex.
Large Carved Console Icon.png Large Carved Console Wire 140 A large control panel powered by Avian crystals.
Large Decorative Chest Icon.png Large Decorative Chest Storage 90 A chest adorned with ancient Avian art.
Lavish Avian Tomb Icon.png Lavish Avian Tomb Storage 175 A lavish Avian tomb.
Mass Tombstone Icon.png Mass Tombstone Decorative 60 These symbols signify a mass grave.
Metal Bars Icon.png Metal Bars Block 0 Closely spaced thick metal bars.
Old Pot Icon.png Old Pot Breakable 50 A crumbling old pot with patterned markings. It looks smashable.
Open Stone Tomb Icon.png Open Stone Tomb Storage 125 An open stone tomb. It smells.
Pile of Books Icon.png Pile of Books Block 0 A pile of dusty old books, they're full of tales of dragons and knights.
Portcullis Icon.png Portcullis Door 95 This heavy iron portcullis opens upwards.
Priest's Tombstone Icon.png Priest's Tombstone Decorative 50 This tombstone belongs to a priest, fallen in battle.
Sawblade Trap Icon.png Sawblade Trap Trap 90 Wow, this looks sharp!
Small Pot Icon.png Small Pot Breakable 30 A small, brittle-looking pot. It looks smashable...
Small Tomb Brick Icon.png Small Tomb Brick Block 0 These small bricks are masterfully crafted.
Smashed Tombstone Icon.png Smashed Tombstone Decorative 40 This tombstone has been smashed beyond repair.
Smooth Tomb Brick Icon.png Smooth Tomb Brick Block 0 Old bricks, polished to perfection.
Tall Pot Icon.png Tall Pot Breakable 40 A tall, dusty pot that smells of bird poop. Maybe it's smashable.
Temple Platform Icon.png Temple Platform Platform 0 Platforms build from solid temple bricks.
Tomb Brick Icon.png Tomb Brick Block 0 Dusty and ancient bricks.
Torch Stand Icon.png Torch Stand Light Source 60 Deep shadows stretch away from this flickering torch.
Undecorated Stone Tomb Icon.png Undecorated Stone Tomb Storage 155 A plain stone tomb caked in dust.
Unmarked Tomb Brick Icon.png Unmarked Tomb Brick Block 0 These bricks have worn smooth with age.
Unstable Tombstone Icon.png Unstable Tombstone Decorative 50 This tombstone looks as if it's about to fall over.
Warrior's Tombstone Icon.png Warrior's Tombstone Decorative 50 This tombstone belongs to a warrior, fallen in battle.


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