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Mines are a non-racial dungeon made up of a surface camp and deep underground excavations. They can be found in Garden planets.


Basic treasure can be found in most containers while valuable treasure is in themed chests. There is no interesting unique loot in this dungeon. Core fragments have a chance of appearing in containers. Killing the Mother Poptop, which is an Adult Poptop but with 500 health, will reward 20 Core Fragments and random Adult Poptop treasure.

Lore Books

This dungeon does not contain any lore about where it came from, who made it, or why it is present on garden planets and filled with core fragments. However, the Traveller that wanders about the mine does mention something about miners collecting core fragments to make explosives if you interact with them enough times to make the dialogue pop up (They also have lots of advice for newbies).



Unique Monsters
Mother Poptop
Mother Poptop.png


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Campfire Icon.png Campfire Crafting Station 30 Embers dance away from the campfire, warming the air. The heat can be used for cooking.
Floodlights Icon.png Floodlights Light Source 105 If I look at these lights any longer, I'll probably go blind.
Green Basic Tent Icon.png Green Basic Tent Furniture 65 A basic tent. Watch out for spacebears!
Green Dome Tent Icon.png Green Dome Tent Furniture 65 A basic tent. Watch out for spacebears!
Large Wooden Crate (open) Icon.png Large Wooden Crate (open) Storage 25 A mysterious wooden crate.
Metal Barrel Icon.png Metal Barrel Decorative 50 A generic metal barrel. It's sealed.
Metal Crate Icon.png Metal Crate Storage 75 A metal crate.
Metal Folding Chair Icon.png Metal Folding Chair Furniture 75 An uncomfortable-looking chair.
Oil Lantern Icon.png Oil Lantern Light Source 60 A pretty oil lantern.
Pipe Fence Icon.png Pipe Fence Decorative 50 A fence fashioned out of heavy metal pipes.
Tall Wooden Torch Icon.png Tall Wooden Torch Light Source 30 A large flickering torch warms the air around it.
Traveller's Meter Icon.png Traveller's Meter Decorative 120 A machine that hobbyist travellers use to record geological information.
Vertical Rusted Girder Icon.png Vertical Rusted Girder Decorative 70 Rusty old girder beams - can't be too safe.
Wooden Crate (small) Icon.png Wooden Crate (small) Storage 15 A mysterious wooden crate.
Wooden Door Icon.png Wooden Door Door 15 A crude wooden door. Not very secure.
Wooden Support Icon.png Wooden Support Decorative 5 A worn wooden support.