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An entrance to an Avian Temple.
Not to be confused with Avian Tomb which are made of grey construction blocks instead.

Avian Temple is an Avian dungeon that can contain mazes, traps, monsters and treasure. As of now, its structure can be one of these three:

  • Dome: This style consists of a building with small pyramids surrounding a dome at the center, similar to the architecture of a capitol building, with stairs that reach an altar. Below lies winding staircases and large rooms with various Avian imagery, along with many water pools.
  • Outpost: A small temple building surrounded by a moat, its simple nature is deceiving as under it lies a collection of long winding hallways filled with guards and loot.
  • Tower: A tall temple structure which leads to a room with an open area at each side. Beware climbing up this structure; guards will fire arrows down at tresspassers.

Avian temples are often poorly lit. Light sources are necessary for safely exploring them.

Avian temples can appear on any planet type except moons, liquid, garden, or barren planets. They are most likely to appear on jungle planets.

The code for the /placedungeon command is aviantemple, with the usual warning of its dangers.


Basic treasure can appear in most containers while valuable treasure is in themed chests. Valuable treasure spawn in basic containers but at lower rates.

Basic Treasure
Valuable Treasure

Lore Books



Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Avian Emblem Icon.png Avian Emblem Decorative 180 I swear the eye is following me around the room..
Avian Moon Emblem Icon.png Avian Moon Emblem Decorative 80 This emblem commemorates the Avians' first flight to the stars.
Avian Prayer Altar Icon.png Avian Prayer Altar Decorative 80 The altar is covered in carvings of a winged god.
Avian Server Icon.png Avian Server Decorative 60 This Avian server must contain a vast amount of data.
Avian Spear Rack Icon.png Avian Spear Rack Decorative 70 The rack is filled with antique Avian spears.
Avian Throne Icon.png Avian Throne Furniture 75 A masterfully crafted throne, fit for Kluex himself.
Big Bird Jar Icon.png Big Bird Jar Breakable 55 A lavish bird-shaped jar. Maybe I can smash it...
Bird Jar Icon.png Bird Jar Breakable 50 A bird-shaped jar full of ash. I wanna break it.
Brain Activity Screen Icon.png Brain Activity Screen Decorative 45 Are those... brain waves? Yes. Yes they are.
Bunny Jar Icon.png Bunny Jar Breakable 50 A bunny-shaped jar full of ash. Maybe I can smash it.
Carved Bird Console Icon.png Carved Bird Console Wire 95 An access panel with a bird crudely etched into the base.
Colourful Feather Bundle Icon.png Colourful Feather Bundle Decorative 90 Gorgeous, colourful feathers arranged like flowers.
Crude Pot Icon.png Crude Pot Breakable 40 This looks like something I made in pottery class. Crude. I should smash it.
Data Screen Icon.png Data Screen Decorative 45 Old system readings that seem to be out of date.
Decorative Alien Mask Icon.png Decorative Alien Mask Decorative 55 This mask looks angry.
Decorative Bird Icon.png Decorative Bird Decorative 90 Huge feathers are sprouting from this small bird statue.
Decorative Bird Mask Icon.png Decorative Bird Mask Decorative 55 A rather serious looking bird.
Decorative Chest Icon.png Decorative Chest Storage 70 A chest adorned with ancient Avian art.
Decorative Human Mask Icon.png Decorative Human Mask Decorative 55 This guy looks surprised to see me!
Decorative Priest Mask Icon.png Decorative Priest Mask Decorative 55 This mask looks like my ex-wife.
Decorative Skull Mask Icon.png Decorative Skull Mask Decorative 55 This guy looks hungry. His eyes make me uncomfortable.
Decorative Sun Icon.png Decorative Sun Decorative 80 Ironically, looking at this decorative sun sends a chill down my spine.
Decorative Wiseman Mask Icon.png Decorative Wiseman Mask Decorative 55 This guy seems... wise.
Fancy Avian Gong Icon.png Fancy Avian Gong Decorative 105 A big fancy gong. It's covered in carvings.
Fancy Temple Jar Icon.png Fancy Temple Jar Breakable 55 This jar has seen better days. It looks smashable...
Glyph Screen Icon.png Glyph Screen Decorative 45 Glyphs pulse ominously... what do they mean?
Golden Bird Jar Icon.png Golden Bird Jar Decorative 50 This beady-eyed bird jar is made of solid gold.
Golden Crystal Door Icon.png Golden Crystal Door Door 95 A heavy golden door with crystals set into its surface.
Golden Ducky Icon.png Golden Ducky Decorative 30 A golden duck!
Golden Lamp Icon.png Golden Lamp Decorative 50 A sickly-sweet scent clings to the inside.
Golden Urn Icon.png Golden Urn Breakable 55 The ashes of Avian Stargazers are often stored in urns like this one.
Guardian's Nest Icon.png Guardian's Nest Furniture 105 A solid stone bed topped with a nest of hay.
Kluex Gift Mural Icon.png Kluex Gift Mural Decorative 400 An ancient mural depicting the gifts given by Kluex to his followers.
Kluex Serpentine Statue Icon.png Kluex Serpentine Statue Decorative 550 A statue depicting the might of the deity Kluex.
Kluex Winged Statue Icon.png Kluex Winged Statue Decorative 500 A statue honouring the history of the Avian god Kluex.
Kluex World Mural Icon.png Kluex World Mural Decorative 550 An ancient mural of the god Kluex.
Large Decorative Chest Icon.png Large Decorative Chest Storage 90 A chest adorned with ancient Avian art.
Large Gong Icon.png Large Gong Decorative 95 A large metal gong. It's so tempting to give it a smack!
Old Pot Icon.png Old Pot Breakable 50 A crumbling old pot with patterned markings. It looks smashable.
Portcullis Icon.png Portcullis Door 95 This heavy iron portcullis opens upwards.
Sacrificial Altar Icon.png Sacrificial Altar Decorative 110 An altar sticky with old blood and feathers.
Simple Temple Blocks Icon.png Simple Temple Blocks Block 0 Old and poorly crafted blocks, crude drawings are scratched into the stone.
Small Pot Icon.png Small Pot Breakable 30 A small, brittle-looking pot. It looks smashable...
Small Temple Bricks Icon.png Small Temple Bricks Block 0 Dusty but finely crafted bricks.
Spaceship Screen Icon.png Spaceship Screen Decorative 45 It's a spaceship orbiting a planet.
Star Map Screen Icon.png Star Map Screen Decorative 45 A star map! It's a little primitive.
Stone Altar Icon.png Stone Altar Decorative 110 A pale stone altar, undecorated.
Stone Worm Statue Icon.png Stone Worm Statue Decorative 110 A statue of a worm. But where's the hook?
Tall Pot Icon.png Tall Pot Breakable 40 A tall, dusty pot that smells of bird poop. Maybe it's smashable.
Temple Block Icon.png Temple Block Block 0 Ancient stones with intricate carvings carved into the surface.
Temple Bricks Icon.png Temple Bricks Block 0 Small, relatively old bricks with some Avian hieroglyphs carved in.
Temple Platform Icon.png Temple Platform Platform 0 Platforms build from solid temple bricks.
Temple Table Icon.png Temple Table Furniture 85 A stone table in typical Avian style.
Torch Stand Icon.png Torch Stand Light Source 60 Deep shadows stretch away from this flickering torch.
Ugly Temple Jar Icon.png Ugly Temple Jar Breakable 40 What an ugly jar.
Vibrant Feather Bundle Icon.png Vibrant Feather Bundle Decorative 100 Gorgeous, vibrant feathers arranged like flowers
Window Lattice Icon.png Window Lattice Block 0 A simple lattice made of wood.
Winged Urn Icon.png Winged Urn Decorative 60 A winged urn, perhaps believed to carry the dead into the afterlife.
Wooden Support Icon.png Wooden Support Decorative 5 A worn wooden support.