Apex Test Facility

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The surface section of the facility
Apex Test Facility is an Apex dungeon made up of an abandoned lab with a series of challenge chambers hidden below. This dungeon replaced the beta Apex Test Chamber and Apex Research Lab dungeons.

Apex test facilities can appear on any planet type except moons, liquid, garden, or barren planets. They are most likely to appear on tundra planets.

The code for the /placedungeon command is apextestfacility, with the usual warning of its dangers.


Basic treasure can appear in most containers while valuable treasure is in themed chests. In this dungeon stim packs also spawn as valuable treasure.

Basic Treasure
Valuable Treasure

Lore Books


Unique Monsters

Apex Mutant
Apex Mutant.png


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Announcement Intercom Icon.png Announcement Intercom Decorative 50 Intercoms are often used to broadcast messages...or receive them.
Ape Flu Poster Icon.png Ape Flu Poster Light Source 135 Ape Flu? Sounds serious...
Apex Male Bust Icon.png Apex Male Bust Decorative 50 A bust of an important Apex.
Arrow Sign Icon.png Arrow Sign Decorative 50 I should probably go that way.
Barbed Wire Icon.png Barbed Wire Trap 75 Ouch! I shouldn't get too close to that.
Bathroom Sink Icon.png Bathroom Sink Decorative 55 A bathroom sink. Wash your hands!
Big Ape HDTV Icon.png Big Ape HDTV Decorative 300 I think Big Ape is watching...
Big Ape Poster Icon.png Big Ape Poster Light Source 135 Big Ape is All Seeing!
Big Ape TV Icon.png Big Ape TV Decorative 120 There's nothing on. Every channel just displays a picture of Big Ape.
Bloodbank Icon.png Bloodbank Decorative 90 Vials full of various blood types. I hope they didn't take out ALL their blood.
Brain in a Jar Icon.png Brain in a Jar Decorative 50 A brain in a jar, daydreaming.
Broken Red Light Icon.png Broken Red Light Light Source 50 A malfunctioning light.
Cool Bookcase Icon.png Cool Bookcase Storage 145 It should be stocked full of science journals and lab reports.
Cool Chemical Shelf Icon.png Cool Chemical Shelf Decorative 120 It seems irresponsible to leave a bunch of unlabelled chemicals unattended.
Cool Computer Icon.png Cool Computer Decorative 50 This cool computer is making a lot of 'beep boop boop beep' noises.
Cool Cupboard Icon.png Cool Cupboard Storage 160 This cupboard is sleek, but it doesn't look sturdy.
Cool Desk Icon.png Cool Desk Furniture 120 This desk is sleek, looks solid.
Cool Empty Shelf Icon.png Cool Empty Shelf Decorative 105 There's nothing of interest on this shelf.
Cool Server Icon.png Cool Server Decorative 60 It looks like a server. I wonder what kind of games could be hosted on that.
Cool Table Icon.png Cool Table Furniture 105 That sure is a cool table.
Do Not Enter Sign Icon.png Do Not Enter Sign Decorative 60 Don't do it!
Drain Icon.png Drain Wire 15 Gurgle gurgle!
Empty Life Support Pod Icon.png Empty Life Support Pod Light Source 165 The pod is empty.
Flickering Ceiling TV Icon.png Flickering Ceiling TV Decorative 90 A creepy monitor. A face flickers onto the screen, almost faster than the eye can see.
Flickering Lightbulb Icon.png Flickering Lightbulb Light Source 60 A bare lightbulb hanging from a metal rod in the ceiling.
Fluorescent Light Icon.png Fluorescent Light Light Source 75 Bright fluorescent light.
Glass Block Icon.png Glass Block Block 0 I can see my reflection.
Green Flask Icon.png Green Flask Decorative 30 A flask full of green goo.
Green Lamp Pod Icon.png Green Lamp Pod Light Source 45 This strange lamp emits a low green light.
Hazard Microscope Icon.png Hazard Microscope Decorative 75 A large microscope, designed for observing potentially hazardous bacteria.
Hi-Tech Chest (Blue) Icon.png Hi-Tech Chest (Blue) Storage 70 A chest with bright glowing markings throughout.
Interrogation Table Icon.png Interrogation Table Furniture 175 A table reserved for traitors.
Iron Block Icon.png Iron Block Block 0 A solid iron block.
Laboratory Locker Icon.png Laboratory Locker Storage 60 A Miniknog locker.
Lava Lamp Icon.png Lava Lamp Light Source 60 It's entrancing. I can't look away.
Light Metal Icon.png Light Metal Block 0 A light metallic tile, perfect for a research laboratory.
Lightbulb (Hanging) Icon.png Lightbulb (Hanging) Light Source 60 A bare lightbulb hanging from a metal rod in the ceiling.
Metal Railing Icon.png Metal Railing Block 0 A riveted metal wall.
Miniknog Newspaper Icon.png Miniknog Newspaper Decorative 360 A large propaganda newspaper, to be put up where everyone can see.
Mirror Block Icon.png Mirror Block Block 0 A non-reflective mirror.
Mulled Fruit Drink Icon.png Mulled Fruit Drink Decorative 40 Acceptable whether you're wearing sweatpants and a beanie or pantaloons.
Obey Sign Icon.png Obey Sign Decorative 70 I'd better do what they say... ha!
Oil Lantern Icon.png Oil Lantern Light Source 60 A pretty oil lantern.
Outpost Platform Icon.png Outpost Platform Platform 0 A simple light platform commonly found in remote outposts.
Outpost Support Beam Icon.png Outpost Support Beam Block 0 A reinforced support beam.
Outpost Thick Wall Icon.png Outpost Thick Wall Block 0 A thick wall type developed for exposure to extreme elements.
Poison Icon.png Poison Liquid A measure of strong poison.
Reassignment Sign Icon.png Reassignment Sign Decorative 80 Think happy thoughts!
Red Danger Sign Icon.png Red Danger Sign Decorative 60 A sign that reads "Danger!". It couldn't really send a clearer message.
Red Light Icon.png Red Light Light Source 60 A dim red light.
Security Camera Icon.png Security Camera Light Source 90 A security camera. An all-seeing eye.
Security Door Icon.png Security Door Door 125 This door is made of some sort of bulletproof material.
Ship Support Icon.png Ship Support Block 0 A wall support used in ship construction.
Short Chain-link Fence Icon.png Short Chain-link Fence Decorative 80 It's a chain-link fence.
Standard Issue Fridge Icon.png Standard Issue Fridge Refrigerated Storage 110 A fridge, good for keeping food cold.
Standard Issue Oven Icon.png Standard Issue Oven Crafting Station 90 Cooks food to a reasonable standard.
Standard Issue Radio Icon.png Standard Issue Radio Decorative 50 The radio is switched on but silent.
Titanium Door Icon.png Titanium Door Door 80 A strong titanium door.
Tungsten Block Icon.png Tungsten Block Block 0 A solid tungsten block.
Tungsten Platform Icon.png Tungsten Platform Platform 0 Strong platforms made from tungsten.
Water Cooler Icon.png Water Cooler Decorative 60 It's one of those drinking machines people use to make small-talk.
Wood Panelling Icon.png Wood Panelling Block 0 This wood panelling was fashionable in a distant era.
Wrecked Crate Icon.png Wrecked Crate Storage 75 A antique crate, I wonder what's inside..