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Unique Monster
"The sharp spikes can penetrate any space boot."
Collection # 07
Base Health 50 HP
Base Damage 8 HP
Capturable Yes
Found In Decayed Biome
Desert Biome
Forest Biome
Jungle Biome
Magma Biome
Midnight Biome
Savannah Biome
Volcanic Biome
Desert Subsurface
Stone Caves
Underground 0a
Underground 1d
Underground 3b
Underground 5a
Underground 5d
Unique Drops Hardened Carapace (20%)
Figurine (0.1%)

Crustoises are a unique monster found in decayed, desert, forest, jungle, magma, midnight, savannah, and volcanic biomes. They can also be found in the Desert Subsurface underground layer as well as in Stone Caves and underground layers 0a, 1d, 3b, 5a and 5d.

They can crawl on walls and ceilings, enabling them to move over any surface. Their primary attack is to dash at the player, revealing their underside and face.

This monster possesses a weakness (+50% damage taken) to Poison damage and a resistance (-50% damage taken) to Fire damage. Additionally, it cannot be inflicted with Burning.