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Unique Monster
"It's always on edge. It walks sideways and erupts at the slightest confrontation."
Collection # 40
Base Health 60 HP
Base Damage 10 HP
Capturable Yes
Found In Decayed Biome
Magma Biome
Ocean Biome
Volcanic Biome
Underground 5d
Fire Vaults
Unique Drops Scorched Core (10%)
Hardened Carapace (10%)
Figurine (0.1%)

Crabcanos are a unique monster found in decayed, magma, ocean, and volcanic biomes as well as in Underground 5d and fire Ancient Vaults.

Its primary attack is to 'erupt' flaming rocks from its head, each one dealing 8 base damage.

This monster has a weakness (+50% damage taken) to Ice damage and a resistance (-50% damage taken) to Fire damage. Additionally, it cannot be inflicted with Burning.

Rare Form

A rare elemental variant of this monster can spawn in bounty missions, and has a very small chance to appear in the wild. It has an identical drop pool, base stats, and spawn area, but applies the slowing Frost status effect when touched. This variant erupts at a further distance, has much more projectiles per eruption, throws its projectiles at a higher velocity, and its projectiles leave snow on the ground.

This form can also be captured, and when caught will complete an entry in the Rare Pets collection.

Form Name Description Element Status Effect
Ice Crabcano.png
Ice Crabcano It's always on edge. It walks sideways and erupts at the slightest confrontation. Frost (Attack).png Frost Status Frost.png Frost