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Unique Monster
"An irritable biomechanical lifeform. The bigger their moustaches, the older they are."
Base Health 110 HP
Base Damage 40 HP
Capturable No
Found In Space Encounters
Unique Drops Mech Salvage Part (35%)
Stick of RAM (10%)
Silicon Board (10%)
Copper Wire (10%)

Cosmostache are a robotic space monster found in space encounters.

It attacks by simply rocketing towards the player moustache-first in a straight line, making it fairly easy to line up a shot. Melee attacks will bounce it in a different direction, forcing it to start another charge once it recovers. However, they are commonly encountered in groups of two or three, meaning quick aim is vital to deflect the multiple incoming targets.

This monster is best countered using a mech vehicle. It can drop electronic components and mech energy when defeated.

They are not capturable using Capture Pods.