Robot Chicken

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Robot Chicken
Farm Animal
Robot Chicken.gif
"It's been constructed to resemble a Chicken, there are still some kinks to work out."
Base Health 250 HP
Immunity All
Capturable Yes (hostile chicken)
No (friendly hen)
Found In Glitch Villages
Robot Hen Egg
Unique Drops

Robot Chickens are the only robotic farm animals in Starbound. There are two subtypes of robot chickens: "hostile" robot chickens and robot hens.

"Hostile" robot chickens are found near Glitch Villages. They resemble chickens in both size and movement, but they have 2 base health and deal 99,999 base damage. In a previous version, "hostile" robot chickens were unkillable except by Lava; however, as of version 1.1.1, they are now only immune to being Poisoned. Oddly enough, "hostile" robot chickens can be captured without needing to weaken them first.

Robot hens can only be obtained from Robot Hen Eggs purchased from Terramart for 1,000 Pixels each. These objects, once placed, will hatch robot chicks which then grow up into robot hens. Once fully grown, they start off grey, but will eventually turn bronze. Interacting with a bronze robot hen produces an AA Battery and turns the robot hen grey again. Robot hens cannot be captured, but they can be relocated.


Name Description Requirements
Too Heavy to Kick.jpg Too Heavy to Kick Destroy a robot chicken.
Don't try to eat it.
Kill a Robot Chicken.