Heavy Drone

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Heavy Drone
Unique Monster
Heavy Drone.png
"The pinnacle of automated defense technology. Their onboard AI is more cheerful than you may first assume."
Base Health 350 HP
Base Damage 30 HP
Capturable No
Found In Space Encounters
Unique Drops Mech Salvage Part (35%)
Stick of RAM (10%)
Silicon Board (10%)
Copper Wire (10%)

Heavy Drones are a type of robotic space monster found in space encounters. They are an uncommon enemy, typically only found guarding the mech bays of larger installations or hostile ships at lower threat levels, but can be found in open space at higher levels. Though they can come in a variety of colors, hull details and screen displays, they all exhibit the same behavior.

They act similarly to the Trifangle, homing in on the player and lining up to attack with blaster fire. The Heavy Drone is equipped with a pair of independently-targetable repeating blasters, which fire at set intervals without any sort of "telegraphing" of when they are about to fire. The drone may alternate between the blasters, or may fire both at once. Either way, the player must keep moving to avoid taking heavy damage.

Thankfully, the Drone is one of the largest space enemies and is fairly slow-moving, making it an easy target.