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Farm Animal
"Native to Earth, this gentle bird frequently lays eggs."
Base Health 250 HP
Capturable No
Found In Hen Egg
Unique Drops

Chickens are a farm animal which lays eggs. There are two sub-types of chickens: "hostile" chickens and hens.

"Hostile" chickens were first seen in a daily update screenshot in early alpha. [1]. Some time afterward, they were implemented in Glitch Villages. The creatures had 2 base health and dealt 15 base contact damage; however, they could not actually be killed by anything except for Lava.

As of version 1.1.1, hostile chickens no longer appear anywhere in the game, and only hens remain.

Hen Eggs can be purchased from Terramart for 1000 Pixels each. These objects, when placed, will hatch into chicks that grow into hens. Once fully grown, hens will start out brown and eventually turn white. Interacting with a white hen gives an egg and turns it brown again.