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Egg Icon.png

It's an egg!

Egg is a type of food that can be harvested from chickens, found in bird nests, and purchased from Avian merchants and Infinity Express.

After purchasing or looting an egg for the first time players will automatically learn the cooking recipes for Omelette, Fluffy Ruffs, and Pearlpea Pancakes.


Unlocks Recipes
Pearlpea Pancakes Icon.png Pearlpea Pancakes
Fluffy Ruffs Icon.png Fluffy Ruffs
Omelette Icon.png Omelette

Ingredient for

Apex Fritter Icon.png Apex Fritter 1
Bacon Pancakes Icon.png Bacon Pancakes 1
Banana Cream Donut Icon.png Banana Cream Donut 1
Cake Icon.png Cake 1
Carrot Cake Icon.png Carrot Cake 1
Chocolate Cake Icon.png Chocolate Cake 1
Choconut Icon.png Choconut 1
Coffee Cake Icon.png Coffee Cake 1
Fluffy Ruffs Icon.png Fluffy Ruffs 1
Mushroom Quiche Icon.png Mushroom Quiche 1
Mushroom Rice Icon.png Mushroom Rice 1
Oculemon Meringue Icon.png Oculemon Meringue 1
Omelette Icon.png Omelette 1
Pearlpea Pancakes Icon.png Pearlpea Pancakes 1
Quiche Lorraine Icon.png Quiche Lorraine 1
Special Fried Rice Icon.png Special Fried Rice 1
Spiky Cookies Icon.png Spiky Cookies 1
Spooky Donut Icon.png Spooky Donut 1
Eggy Toast Icon.png Eggy Toast 1
Toxic Jam Donut Icon.png Toxic Jam Donut 1
Wartweed Jam Donut Icon.png Wartweed Jam Donut 1



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem egg
File Name egg.consumable
File Path assets\items\generic\shop