Raw Ribs

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Raw Ribs
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Raw meat cut from some unfortunate creature's ribs. Sounds tasty but it should be cooked.

Raw Ribs are a food ingredient used in cooking.

Raw Ribs only drop from Large Quadruped (4 legged) monsters or Hemogoblins butts when killed with a hunting weapon like a bow or crossbow. For an example of a large quadruped monster see here.

Raw Ribs can be sold by Floran merchants.

After picking up Raw Ribs for the first time players will learn the recipes for Sticky Ribs and Spicy Ribs.

Status Effects


Unlocks Recipes
Sticky Ribs Icon.png Sticky Ribs
Spicy Ribs Icon.png Spicy Ribs

Ingredient for

Cooked Ribs Icon.png Cooked Ribs 1
Spicy Ribs Icon.png Spicy Ribs 1
Sticky Ribs Icon.png Sticky Ribs 1


  • Rampaging Koala: Changed name from Alien Rib Meat to Raw Ribs, changed appearance


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem rawribmeat
File Name rawribmeat.consumable
File Path assets\items\generic\meat