Stuffed Dirturchin

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Stuffed Dirturchin
Prepared Food
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A dirturchin stuffed with pearlpeas. The taste is kind of bland...

Stuffed Dirturchin is a tier 4 foodstuff which can be created through cooking. Cooking it will complete entry #68 in the cooking collection.

After harvesting or looting Dirturchin for the first time players will automatically learn the cooking recipe for Stuffed Dirturchin.

Combining a Dirturchin, Wheat, Pearlpeas and Milk into a Stuffed Dirturchin raises their total value by ~31.8%.

Status Effects




  • Rampaging Koala: Changed appearance, effects, and required ingredients for cooking recipe


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem stuffeddirturchin
File Name stuffeddirturchin.consumable
File Path assets\items\generic\food\tier4