Raw Steak

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Raw Steak Icon.png
Raw Steak
Raw Steak.png

A raw slab of weird, stringy alien meat. Maybe I should cook it.

Raw Steak drops from monsters that are found throughout the game on all planets. It can be cooked to make cooked steak.

Raw Steak can be sold by Floran merchants.

It has a higher chance to drop from monsters when they are killed with a hunting bow, crossbow or hunting knife.

Status Effects

Ingredient for

Rusty Pasty Icon.png Rusty Pasty 1
Cheeseburger Icon.png Cheeseburger 1
Cooked Steak Icon.png Cooked Steak 1
Hamburger Icon.png Hamburger 1
Hot Hot Hotpot Icon.png Hot Hot Hotpot 1
Meat Dumplings Icon.png Meat Dumplings 1
Meat Stew Icon.png Meat Stew 1
Oculemon Stew Icon.png Oculemon Stew 1
Pasty Icon.png Pasty 1



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem alienmeat
File Name alienmeat.consumable
File Path assets\items\generic\meat