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Reef-Cola Icon.png

Taste the ocean, with Reef-Cola.

Reef-Cola is a type of food which can be purchased from Blue Vending Machines, found in Hylotl Underwater Cities and Hylotl Surface Cities. Unlike most foods, it does not replenish any hunger, but it can be used while Full Belly is in effect.

After being consumed it boosts players swim speed for 30 seconds. (Specifically, it reduces liquid impedance from a default value of 0.5 to 0.1, increases the player's liquid force from a default value of 30 to 150 and increases the player's jump speed while in a liquid from 30 to 150.)

Status Effects

  • Status Swim Boost.png Swim Boost - Increased swim speed for 30 seconds


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem reefcola
File Name reefcola.consumable
File Path assets\items\generic\shop