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Essential for making bread.

Wheat is a cooking ingredient farmable from Wheat Seeds.

Wheat grows on Garden planets. Some Apex, Avian, Floran, Glitch, Human and Novakid merchants also sell them (Novakid merchants haven't been implemented yet as of Version 1.2.3).

Ingredient for

Rusty Pasty Icon.png Rusty Pasty 1
Pizzap Slice Icon.png Pizzap Slice 1
Apple Crumble Icon.png Apple Crumble 1
Automato Stew Icon.png Automato Stew 1
Bacon Pancakes Icon.png Bacon Pancakes 1
Banana Cream Donut Icon.png Banana Cream Donut 1
Banana Cream Pie Icon.png Banana Cream Pie 1
Battered Banana Icon.png Battered Banana 1
Beakseed Bread Icon.png Beakseed Bread 1
Beakseed Tart Icon.png Beakseed Tart 1
Bread Icon.png Bread 1
Cake Icon.png Cake 1
Carrot Bread Icon.png Carrot Bread 1
Carrot Cake Icon.png Carrot Cake 1
Chocolate Cake Icon.png Chocolate Cake 1
Choconut Icon.png Choconut 1
Coffee Cake Icon.png Coffee Cake 1
Feather Food Icon.png Feather Food 1
Fish Dumplings Icon.png Fish Dumplings 1
Fish Stew Icon.png Fish Stew 1
Meat Dumplings Icon.png Meat Dumplings 1
Meat Stew Icon.png Meat Stew 1
Mushroom Bread Icon.png Mushroom Bread 1
Mushroom Quiche Icon.png Mushroom Quiche 1
Oculemon Stew Icon.png Oculemon Stew 1
Pasty Icon.png Pasty 1
Pearlpea Broth Icon.png Pearlpea Broth 1
Pearlpea Pancakes Icon.png Pearlpea Pancakes 1
Pineapple Pizza Slice Icon.png Pineapple Pizza Slice 1
Piodia Slice Icon.png Piodia Slice 1
Pizza Slice Icon.png Pizza Slice 1
Porridge Icon.png Porridge 1
Pussplum Tart Icon.png Pussplum Tart 1
Quiche Lorraine Icon.png Quiche Lorraine 1
Spiky Cookies Icon.png Spiky Cookies 1
Spooky Donut Icon.png Spooky Donut 1
Spooky Pie Icon.png Spooky Pie 1
Toxic Jam Donut Icon.png Toxic Jam Donut 1
Toxic Tart Icon.png Toxic Tart 1
Wartweed Jam Donut Icon.png Wartweed Jam Donut 1
Wartweed Stew Icon.png Wartweed Stew 1



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem wheat
File Name wheat.item
File Path assets\items\generic\produce
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