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Coralcreep Icon.png

The coralcreep fruit turns red when cooked, like a lobster.

Coralcreep is a produce-type food, it's also an ingredient in other recipes. It is a crop that can be grown by farming Coralcreep Seeds. It's also an ingredient in other recipes.

Coralcreeps can be found at the bottom of Tropical Oceans. They can also be sold by Hylotl merchants.

After harvesting or looting Coralcreep for the first time players will automatically learn the cooking recipes for Seafood Gratin and Soggy Sack.

Unlike other crops, Coralcreep must be planted underwater.


Unlocks Recipes
Seafood Gratin Icon.png Seafood Gratin
Soggy Sack Icon.png Soggy Sack

Ingredient for

Brineapple Icon.png Brineapple 1
Coralcreep Curry Icon.png Coralcreep Curry 1
Ocean Salsa Icon.png Ocean Salsa 1
Ocean Surprise Icon.png Ocean Surprise 1
Salt Salad Icon.png Salt Salad 1
Seafood Gratin Icon.png Seafood Gratin 1
Soggy Sack Icon.png Soggy Sack 1



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem coralcreep
File Name coralcreep.consumable
File Path assets\items\generic\produce
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